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Username: Craigeburnsmsncom

Keene, NH USA

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Please, Please....PLEASE help!!!
Over the last year I have purchased 2 Lrya's. The first RD 1028A, and the second is RD 1076B. I am having the same problem with both. With brand new batteries, and the devices NOT locked. I hit power on one, and I get a 5 second "RCA" display on the screen, and then it just shuts down. The other fails to power at all. If anyone has any recommendations at all I would be forever indebted. Thank YOoooooo.

Craig Burns

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Username: Dboy13

Montreal, Qc Canada

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hey ive got the sme problem with my lyra TC1501B. i think its beause i pressed the reset button by mistake. ive got the cd that came with it but theres nothing on it, or my computer doesnt read it. if anyone has the software or a link to it PLEASE PLEASE send it! thanks a million!!!

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Username: Baybee07

Charlottetown, Prince Edwar... Canada

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my RCA TC1502a mp3 player also is giving me the same problem, i called the help line and they said there is nothing they can do without a my warranty so they just basically said it's broken and they can't fix it... so if u have a warranty i suggest you get a new one...

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I had a similar problem with my RCA H125 , it would be "profiling" and basically freeze from there. I have resolved the issue for now anyway. I went to the rca website > downloads> and dowloaded the latest firmware for the device. That didnt resolve anything but I am sure it didnt hurt. After that I went to my computer> rightclicked on the device and then selected format. it will bascically refresh the device. but it has been working since.I had to resync

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Username: Kmel

Shelbyville, KY U.S.

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hey, i thought i had a problem once, i turned it on, then it would go to RCA, the go blank for like 15 sec. did you turn it off once it went, blank, because i did for a while and thought something was wrong.

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Username: Donna1324

Moose jaw, Sask

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heyy im donna and im having trouble downloading music on to it how do u do it im confused and NEED HELP!!

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Username: Alexharvey

Kamloops, Bc Canada

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hey all i am having trouble with my rca lyra with the number m100512 and it worked for a couple days on it now it says recovery
whenever i plug it in
if u know what is goin on please let me know at and say what the problem is.

thanx alex harvey
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