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hokay so, i go to put some songs onto my ipod using itunes. and so i plug in my usb cable into my ipod and itunes doesnt do a damn thing. All that happens is my ipod charges, itunes doesnt recognize it maybe i dont know? my computer shows nothing when i connect my ipod to it. I need help, any suggestions?

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I'm in the same boat brother...seems like there's tons of us with this problem too.

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OMG i have the same problem...farout this isn't very satisfying is it. Shouldn't we do something, like take this to the people who are meant to keep tradings right! i am so angry >.<

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1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generations
Reboot iPod: Hold down the menu and play buttons.
Disk Mode: Hold down the rewind and fast forward buttons after a reboot.
Diagnostic Mode: Hold Rewind, Fast Forward, and Select buttons after a reboot.

Mini, 4th, and Photo Generations
Reboot iPod: Hold down the menu and select buttons.
Disk Mode: Hold down the select and play buttons after a reboot.
Diagnostic Mode: Hold Rewind and Select buttons after a reboot.

If this guide doesn't fix your problem then its probably unfixable. Start off by trying to reboot your ipod. That should fix your ipod if its frozen or stuck on do not disconect or OK to disconnect. If that doesn't fix the problem then download the newest update utility from apple and install it (because as soon as you get your ipod to connect to your computer you need to restore it.) Now plug in your connector to the ipod and your computer and then restart your ipod. If it restarts press the "disk mode" combination before the apple logo appears and hold them down. If your ipod won't reboot then try holding the disk mode combo in whatever state your ipod is in. Hopefully your ipod will have now mounted on your computer, use the restore utility on your ipod. Now restart your ipod again and press and hold the "diagnostic mode" combo before the apple logo appears until your ipod goes into a weird looking screen. You now have to use the fastforward and rewind buttons to navigate through the screen. Do both memory tests and then do all the IO tests as well. If your ipod fails any of these tests then you have a hardware problem and you have to get your ipod serviced. If all goes well though then just press menu a couple times and then go to reset.

Original post by Creeg's.

Good info, try that and see if it works.

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the same is happening to me. did anyone find out how to fix it? i tried all of those steps and they didnt work.
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