Is it bad to mix different lines of speakers for HT?


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Hello everyone,
I've recently upgraded my system and would now like to upgrade my front left and right speakers and get better sound. I currently have the Connoisseur
Energy speaker line (CC3-center, CR3 rears, and C-9 front). What I would like to do is upgrade the front L&R to the Veritas Energy line which is about a 1K more and is there top line speaker. My question is this. I know it is bad to mix different speaker companies. How bad would this combination be? I would love to have better 2 channel sound which I listen to about 40-50% of the time but can't afford to upgrade everything to the next line. Since I am staying with the same company (energy) how bad would this be? I hate to have to upgrade the center channel (another $1500)

Here are my components
Rotel 1095 amp (200x5)
Rotel 1068 pre-pro

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Hard to tell. If timbre isn't matched then it will show during 5.1 (movies or multi-channel music). On the Klipsch forum people tend to recommend the same line, rather than just the same brand. It really depends on how similar they sound.

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Although I'm not sure what I can say is that most speaker manufacturers try to voice match all of their lines similarly. So your fronts would not be a perfect match but they wouldn't sound bad either. I empathize as 2 channel is my passion and I had to upgrade in stages albeit short ones as I chose debt to bad sound. I would not hesitate to get better fronts especially with your Rotel gear. Note: Multi channel music will definately take a hit with mixed speakers so if you listen to alot of SACD's you may want to consider more carefully your options.
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