Ecoustics should register with search engines


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i've been away from ecoustics for a while... so long in fact, that i forgot it's name and my old shortcut is on a hard drive that's no longer installed on my PC.

i tried to get back to it by looking it up with dogpile to no avail. i tried EVERY logical search engine set of terms that i could think of staring with:
>audio forum
then i tried searches like
>audio reviews forum
>stereo review portal
>audio portal
>stereo review portal
>home audio reviews
and so on to no avail.

the ONLY way i managed to get back was by trying this search:
>cheapskate nad "budget minded" magnepan
which brought me here based on my previous replies in this sites forums. if i hadn't already been here, i might not ever find ecoustics again unless i followed whatever path i took to originally stumble in.

not one single "logical" search for this forum yielded any results, but i did see audioasylum show up in most of my searches.

surely one attempt to find this forum using logical keywords should have yielded results. (usually only 2-4 pages at that, so it's not like ecoustics was getting buried in results into tthe tens of thousands)

if ecoustics wants to be found... it needs to show up on search engines... and dogpile is a collection of MOST of the biggies, so it should have shown up somewhere.


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Glad to have you back!

eCoustics is ranked better in Google, where many of the logical keywords should work.

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google is one of "the biggies" that is in the "meta search engine" dogpile.

maybe THAT'S why i quit using dogpile and used to use google alone as my home page... better results.

ecoustics is safely back in my bookmarks for now until i have another anti-virul showdown again at least LOL.

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