IPod problems - continuely disconnects during upload.


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hi there, I have bought a photo ipod 60gb and am having issues trying to upload songs to it through the iTunes software. I have installed itunes (the latest version), updated the ipod and am now trying to upload music. The problem that I have is that the music upload begins ok, but the ipod continuely disconnects and i have to start again. There is no apparent reason as to why it disconnects. I have tried both auto sync and also manual. Can anyone help at all?

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My ipod needs restoring iv been told but how cn i restore it if it dont connect to my pc. it connects then disconnects.what shall i do no body give any feedback.plzzzzzz:-(

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go to the website. The support page should be able to pointyou in the right direction.

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My son has a 20G ipod and it will not charge and message says file corrupted. File picture keeps coming on with an exclamation mark. So of course its just over a year a year old. Apple in HK says its not worth fixing which is ridiculous. Is anyone else other than Apple able to fix ipods?

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when i turn on my ipod it comes up with the apple symbol then turns of again. iv tried charging it then it comes up with the flat batterie symbol....plaese give feedback if u know the problem thanks!

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My iPod 20gb spontaneously turns on whether hold button is on or off, plugged in or not to recharge. A. Ross

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my ipod will not appear on itunes ,so i can`t put any music on,any ideas?

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my new ipod nano will not restore...i was at my sister and downloaded some songs from her place. now back at home my ipod shows no songs or pictures yet still has 1.8gb of mem used????
someone please help....

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THIS WILL FIX THE ISSUE!!! All you need is a USB hub for your computer... What this does, is connect new USB hardware to your computer without actually connecting any pcmci cards or any pci card and allows for more ports available which I believe will be a guaranteed fix... It'll cost all of ten dollars and will save you further hassle. Just go to your local tech store (Radio Shack - Fry's - Best Buy) and ask or a USB Hub and you'll be set! I tried it on mine when I had this problem and it works great!

Naomi Potter
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Hi - having real problems as this is now my second ipod mini - I have just gone through the procedure of uninstalling and reinstalling all up-to-date itunes/ipod software. I came to restore my ipod and have had 3 different messages come up on several occasions of trying. "Can't lock ipod - check it is not being used by any other applications", "This does not support the ipod plugged in", "Firmware update failure. Disk write error" anybody any suggestions on how to go about restoring. Once restored it shoudl work in itunes no prob. My computer DOES recognise it when plugged in, itunes is not opened. I have a one year old toshiba laptop but am wondering if there is a compatibility problem. Naturally my ipod is displaying the file symbol with exclamation mark - however with the apple website address displayed underneath!

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my ipod songs all cleared off after i usedd my friends cord and plugged it into a pc when usually its meant 2 be in a it still wont update when i plug it into the mac so i cant update my songs..plzzz help me :-(

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My ipod says: Firmware Update Failure Disk Write Error!
Whu does it do this? How can I update?

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Hey, I had my computer reformatted and I lost my I tunes and half of my music. Since itunes updates whatever is in your library, and now that I have nothing in my library, I will be essentialy deleting everything on my ipod as soon as I connect it to my computer. I want to put more songs on my ipod without it using itunes, hence deleting all of my music on the ipod. Is there anyway I can transfer single songs, and not neccessarily update the entire library???

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My ipod Nano keeps relying every time i want to restore " Firmware Update Disk Write error! I need a solution Please Help!

Dan Voyce
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Hi everyone - I have had this problem (the iPod disconnecting and connecting during transfer and all the songs disappearing).

I have now fixed it!!

Check what Chipset your USB2 controller is - I had mine plugged into an NForce chipset (onboard), i have now bought a VIA chipset USB2 controller card and it updated 2000 songs and 60 videos on the first go - no disconnects!!!

Add another USB2 controller card to your system and it will stop the disconnects!! :-)


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My 20g iPod says it has no songs, but it also states that i only have 16g of storage left(the amount i had before this problem)

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Hi, my ipod nano will charge when connected to a computer, but wont get recognized by the computer, this has been tryed on many computers and different usb ports

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My ipod won't update its songs, and when i initially plug it in itunes tells me that there is already files on it and can only fit a few more. Then after a few minutes of 'updating' it disconnects. When i try and restore it or update the software on it, i get the firmware error. So i thoguht it was my usb cable or port.
I then brought my nano to my girlfriend's hosue and used her computer, pc same software, and it still wouldnt stay connected or update.

Any solutions?

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Yep. My 60GB iPod, using a NEW USB2 controller card and hub, disconnected around a dozen times during it's first update. iTunes showed 6.3GB used, but only 12 songs showed in iTunes. I read somewhere to CHKDSK the iPod and now it is tweaked for good. The latest Updater won't restore, etc.

Even before I tried updating my iPod, my wife's new Nano disconneted once during its update and now I'm wondering if it has the same inaccurate space usage reading!!!

Dell PC, Windows XP Pro with all the updates, not to mention the brand new USB2 Compaq controller card and D-Link hub.

So disappointing!

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Ipods are crap.

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