Cali fires....again.


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Man you guys seem to get hit almost every year out there. Anyone here affected? Chad? Brad?

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yea its pretty intense paul. i can see it while i am on the freeway. we get hit every year cause we don't get enough rain here. everything dries up and when the heat wave hits, there's no preventing the sparks from starting up.

since i am in the city and away from the mountains, i am ok but i feel for those that are losing everything they owned to the fires.

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It's way North of me. This one is intense -- 100+ foot flames sweeping up the thick brush-covered hills. It is about two miles wide as I type this. Our state refuses to clear brush in the winter when their douchenozzle crew are blastin bonghits in the porta potties.

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Man those time lapse vids are crazy!

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I drove by the fire near pasadena earlier today. I bet people who were going into foreclosure are happy.

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Andrew Capps, NC US

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Thought this was a cool looking pictureUpload

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