Laptop to DVD Player through S-Video


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Ok so I have bought an S-Video cable from Radioshack and it is connected to both my laptop and my DVD player... that's all fine and well.... when I turn my DVD player on... it's just the welcome screen of the DVD player saying I have no disc.... what do I do to make it recognize the S-Video connection?

Sorry if this question sounds stupid... I'm new to this

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Registered: Mar-05 what do you want to do? Play DVD's from your laptop, through the dvd player, and onto the TV? Or play dvds through the dvd player, and watch them on your laptop?

In the first instance, it would not work, as you are plugging the cable into the output port of the dvd player. It is trying to send a signal out, not in. Either use your laptop to play the dvds, then hook it up to TV. Look around here for instructions on how to do so.

If it is the second one, it will not work. THe port on your laptop is an output, not input. In this instance, you will need a usb capture card, to 'capture' or watch the dvd. That way, the computer recognises that there is an incoming signal.

What cables do I need to watch a movie that is on my laptop (Powerbook G4) on the TV and also connected to a home theatre system for the surround effect??? Please let me know. Thanks.

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hey, i have my s video connected to my laptop and the dvd. I was just wanting to play music and watch video clips on my tv. how do i do this please?

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Clayton said: hey, i have my s video connected to my laptop and the dvd. I was just wanting to play music and watch video clips on my tv. how do i do this please?

Hook up the laptop to the TV. If you TV does't have s-video, then you can get s-video -> composite (RCA) adapters. Plug that in. Also get a 1/8" to 2x RCA converter to plug in your audio.

Then select the appropriate channel on the TV. Enable TV out on the laptop (usually Fn+7) it should either come up with a menu or just do it straight away. You can select from laptop, tv or laptop and tv.

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I am capturing from my dvd to my laptop as I do not own a tv. But the picture and audio are constantly jumpy, can I fix this?

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i hav acer travelmate 2312 laptop, and wharfedale home theatre system.... i want to connect them both .... can anyone giv me an idea to connect the above mentioned stuff and if possible i would like to connect my sony tv(kv-1442ub) ... but i think the tv is too old....

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Check the items listed on this link for some of your s-video questions.

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Just wondering if someone in the know could help me, I dont know a lot about computers but im trying to connect my laptop to my dvd home theatre system so I can play my itunes etc music through the surround sound speakers.

I have bought a S-Video SVHS Cable and have connected the laptop to the DVD but how do I now tell the laptop to use the surround sound speakers to play music? Ive tried fiddling with the laptop sound setting but no success!

many thanks

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I have connected the laptop to the tv via a s-video cable, and i can see the what is on the laptop, but there is no audio.
Does anyone know what i should do

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Hey, although some have said it won't work, is it possible to connect my laptop to the DVD player via s-video (audio is not a problem). My DVD player has 2 s-video ports and I'm sure one must be an 'in' which spoils the logic of having two 'out's. My laptop realises a generic television is connected as another monitor, yet no image is shown. I don't know where to head from here

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