Can you use the DAC on AV receiver from a CD player?


Sorry if this is a stupid question. I have a basic CD player (Sony CDP XE 370). I am using the onboard DAC via RCA connectors to my AV receiver (Marantz SR 5200). Is it possible to use the optical output on the CD player, bypassing its onboard DAC, into the receiver. Does every receiver have an onboard DAC? If it is possible are there any potential sound quality benefits? I believe the Marantz would have a better quality DAC. I want to know what is possible before taking a chance and spending money on an optical cable.

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Connecting the CD player via a digital connection is the prefered method. Remember, when you use the analog connections, you are listening to the receivers ADC, the DAC AND the Sony's DAC. Why go through two conversions. The direct connection should sound slightly better.

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