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In looking at some videos trying to get some setup tips for my new camera I came across several interesting videos. At least for those who are in the market for a new camera.
The debate? Is the DSLR a goner? Will Mirrorless take its place?

Several videos taking each side of the question. So, I'm afraid in a time of FALLING serious camera sales, the Cell Phone having nearly taken over, that while the Mirrorless is actually Increasing in sales, the final winner has not yet been decided.

Huge costs with designing and building new lenses for the new Mirrorless from Canon, Nikon and the more established Sony are high and production numbers fairly low. All manufacturers publish or allow to 'leak' what are called 'roadmaps' of future lens offerings.

A quick trip to YouTube will show the variety of opinion. I made MY choice and don't regret it. But some fairly smart people are on either side of the question....since it really isn't a 'debate'. I personally like the Mirrorless, even with fewer lenses available. ALL 3 of the major camera makers issue adapters for other lenses to be used. The Canon will use regular EOS lenses. Sony can use 'A' mount and Nikon can use most of what's already out there for Their new Mirrorless. I rented a lens for a couple days and found that the adaptor is both handy AND very functional, all while not taking up even the space of one small lens in the bag.

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No idea why I never looked around here

I bought a Canon 6D (mark 1) in January. It replaces a 40D I've been shooting with for over 8 years now. I looked into the EOS R, but the price wasn't what I was willing to spend. The RP came out around Valentine's day, and I wasn't happy because I just bought my 6D and thought I'd have some regrets.

I just don't like mirrorless. The main reason, which sounds stupid - the electronic view finder (EVF) instead of the traditional viewfinder. EVF definitely has advantages - it shows you the actual image being captured - bokeh, depth of field, exposure, etc. whereas an OVF doesn't.

Mirrorless also has so many more focus points and pretty much the entire image can have its own focus point, compared to the limited spread of points on DSLR. And due to the focus being on the sensor, micro adjustments aren't necessary (in theory). I love everything about mirrorless, except the EVF. I wish it was better. And they're slow - burst photos get pretty choppy, and it seems like there's a good bit of lag in the EVF updating/refreshing when zooming and stuff like that.

I wanted to love the RP. I could've sold my 6D to my cousin for what I paid for it and bought a new RP for not much more. I couldn't get past the EVF. And the battery life. Canon says something around 250 shots on a full charge. I take over 300 during my daughter's basketball games.

EF glass will continue to be made for a while. Maybe not many new ones developed nor updates, but they'll still make them as long as people are buying them. Not everyone is going to ditch their DSLR for mirrorless overnight.

I'm sticking with my 6D until it dies. It's way too good to jump ship for newer technology. The new RF glass looks fantastic, but my EF glass is too. If i was making a living through photography, I'd dabble in it. But my 6D to capture my family is far more than good enough for me. The camera's better than I am.

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My Nikon has an OLED viewfinder which updates very quickly and is usable to focus. It is roughly 100% of sensor area, too.

I have configured my camera to be continuous focus, not single shot. And I can select from a small (assignable) point all the way to letting IT select the
area. The recent firmware update (easy to do) gave me EYE focus, too. So I can track moving people and remain in focus.

R is down to about 2000$ which is a reduction from introduction. You'd really have to test that one, though, since Canon did some new stuff with the controls and not everyone is happy.

Do you own Full-Frame lenses or did you get lenses for your crop sensor? Lenses should last thru several cameras IF you get the right stuff to begin with.

CAMERA Sales are Way Down for the last decade. Go find the numbers. They are frightening. And all becasue of Cell Phones which are now dominating.
I don't like cell phone photography. EVERYTHING is always in focus. Why would I want that?

ALWAYS carry a spare battery. That's the best idea yet.

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This is a tough question. I'm a content checker developer at and I use Canon EOS R for my workflow. I like the capabilities of an EVF and battery life is not very important for me.

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Nikon announced, within the last few days, that the Long Awaited 70-200 f2.8 in the new 'Zee' mount is going to be delayed.
Original gas was for a February Intro. (Hey! That's NOW) But some kind of snag was identified and intro officially pushed back. Nikon, as usual, is
not especially forthcoming as to WHY.

And Stu? EF glass is good for the long haul. At least until we all go room tempreture. Canon will introduce some new in that line (gap fillers?) while much effort goes into the new Mirrorless. Nikon, I think, will follow a similar path. They are behind in the intro of the 'Zee' mount glass but the FTZ adapter makes life easier, as does a similar device from Canon. I have the Nikkor 85mm f1.8 G lens which is about 1/2 the cost of the 'Zee' mount with same numbers. I suspect you'd really have to be QUITE the Pixel Peeper to tell prints apart under any but the most extreme edges of the performance envelop.

I'm tempted to just go for the Nikkor 70-200 f4 which is quite a good lens. As far as meaureables? As good or better than the 2x expensive f2.8 VR3 or whatever. And so much lighter and compact I could see it as an all-day carry.
Tamrom makes the G2 version of ITS 70-200 which gets good press (about 1400$) and the Sigma of the same numbers is a BEAST weighing in at 4lb. OUCH.

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Canon has announced NO new EF lens development unless a need is shown.
All future development will be for the R mount used in their mirrorless system.

I think SONY has stopped new 'A mount' lens development. Don't forget that this was the Konica / Minolta mount from the 80s.
and VERY advanced for its time.

The new Nikon 70-200 is STILL delayed with no real word why...from Nikon. The Speculation is that the Coronavirus is interferring with some
parts availability. I read that this particular lens is of Japanese Manufacture. Not Taiwan or Burma or China or the moon.

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And in yet MORE recent news? Nikon has published new FirmWare for the Z6 /Z7 which are now up to 3.0 and counting. New FW has support for CFExpress memory (FAST) and fine-tunes the autofocus / eye focus and adds focus for ANIMAL eyes. Some other improvements, too. Perhaps improved low-light focus performance? Better subject tracking. And lastly, implimentation of the 'buttons' on the new lenses. New 70-200 has function buttons which are assignable.
A minor update was issued for the Z50, the crop sensor entry in the mirrorless line.
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