Old NAD AV series


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I picked up a NAD set-up for just $200 at our local version of the Salvation Army vintage shop a few years ago... lots of very wealthy folk in Sun Valley donate all sorts of gems. (NAD 214 stereo amp with AV117 preamp)

Both work fine, but the sound seems colored or somehow affected and I can't tell if it's the other components in my system, or simply peculiarity unique to this early AV series of NAD products?

Any musings on the musicality or peferred set-up of NAD?

This hobo's system:
Mission 781 bookshelfs on stands
old Pioneer DVD/CD player (DV-C503)
Monster wires
Subwoofer: Klipsch KSW-10 (Costco cheapie)

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NAD old and new has always been a fairly neutral sounding amp that is on the warm side. Their whole marketing of their stuff is that they don't add coloration. I wish I could find NAD at my local salvation army. U R lucky.

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If you want to upgrade, I would look into upgrading the pioneer to TRL modified sony scd-ce595 -


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Coloured how Matt? What don't you like about the sound?

For $200 that's quite a find.

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Hi David,

It's been a while since I tried putting these components into my system. I'll try hooking it all up again and having another listen... then I'll report back.

That said, as I remember, there are several buttons for adjusting sound balance under the heading of "Sound Space." They are labeled "stadium", "hall", "club." I think they similar to a "loudness" button. When I deselected all these buttons, I recall obtaining a flat sound... yet on the other hand it was not that lively either.

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Is this a new gathering fir Idaho guys? Great when small groups can add to the forum.

Matt, you have a receiver with the older codecs to play dvd's in 5.1 DD, but not the newer codecs, newer models come out weekly.
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