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I have got a yamaha av receiver Rx-V440 from my uncle. But with no speakers. I would like to setup my home theater system with this receiver. But I am a student so I cannot afford to buy all 5.1 speaker system in one time now.

So I would like to go first with the two speakers for music listening jazz,rocks etc.

I went to the audio shop a few days ago and found one speaker system that sound too good for music listening. Athena S-B2 speaker system. Hooked up with the marantz in the audio show room and I am very much enjoyed the music listening. I wouldlike to buy this speaker system for my front speakers.

But I have been told that some speakers are not matched with some av receiver.(e.g. warm receiver hookup with warm speaker, bright receiver hookup with bright speaker)

Actually, I am a newbie in this audio field, so could someone can list me the warm speakers/receivers and bright speakers/receivers?

Please also suggest me what speakers should I buy for my av receiver for music listening.

Thanks for any input.

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Hi All!
Thank you for no replys.

Any one there!
I need to buy the speakers for my av receiver urgently.
No body can suggest me what should I care and buy for my av receiver. :-(
Sorry for taken your valuable time with my stupid question.

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I am loath to give you my opinion for fear of committing (in the eyes of those with "golden ears") audio heresy. I don't subscribe to the theory that today's amplifiers are "warm" or "bright." In my opinion, virtually all of today's better components have frequency responses so flat that they are well beyond our ability to discern significant differences. So, IMHO, if you really liked the Athena speakers, go for them; they will sound fine with your receiver. With respect to "warm" and "bright" speakers, do a search on this and other audio fora; you'll find a wealth of information already available.

By the way, don't get your pants in a wad because no one replied as fast as you wanted. You posted on a weekend and I suspect a fair number of folks elected to spend some time with their families instead of sitting at their respective computers holding their breath waiting to reply to every post.

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I'd say if the combination you listened to sounded good to you & you haven't found anything that sounds better, go for it. I know many wouldn't have recommended my Marantz/Paradigm combination, but I like it.

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How much are the Athena B2s going for? If you have a Best Buy near you they are supposed to be clearing out that line so you should be able to find a pair really cheap.

Otherwise since you're on a low budget I'd look into the Athena AS-F2s, $400 shipped from theaudioadvisor.com --- since they claim to go down to 35KHz you can hold off on a sub for a while. Have heard lots of good things about this speaker.

Otherwise if you can spend more, I'd recommend the Ascend CBM-170s paired with a Hsu STF-1 sub, all 3 about $650 shipped from ascendacoustics.com --- sensational bookshelves for music listening at that price point.

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Jimvm. Chris and Edster,
Thanks all of you for the suggestions.

Athena AS-B2 is about 250$.

I am thinking of the other systems such as Paradigm, Mordaunt-short, Tannoy etc.

Which one is matching with my av receiver yamaha rx-v440?

I had a chance to compare the Athena As-B2 and Mordaunt-short Advant 902 yesterday. Both of them hooked up to the marantz amplifier. I think vocal voice is better in MS Advant 902.
MS 902 bookshelf is about 200 $ and MS Advant 904 floorstanding is about 270$.

No chance to listen the Tannoy.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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I don't have any experience with the new MS speakers, but I do have a pair of almost 10 year old MS05 bookshelves that were pretty amazing for their size---or rather, "pint" size as Paul would put it.

But I have heard very good things about the Mordaunt Short 902s and 904s; those look like very good prices on them!

If you're really big on vocal reproduction though, it would definitely be worth the extra $80 or so to get the Ascend 170s, at $340 shipped a pair. Read up on all the consumer and professional reviews about them. Also on the avsforum.com there's a huge thread about them, just do a search.
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