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My friend wants to buy the cheapest model of Kenwood HU's that's on Crutchfield, the MP1028 or something like that, it's not hard to find as it's the cheapest at 119.99. But anyways, it says it can't play MP3's and WMA's. The next model up that is 149.99 says that it CAN. They both play CD-R/CD-RW's, but like I said there's a problem, as most CD's burnt from home are burnt with MP3's and WMA's, how is it possible for it to play CD-R's, unless the person is listening to WAV's or MIDI's for that matter?

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umm a CDR is just blank media. what you write to it, be that video, mp3s, raw audio, or data, is up to you, the CD author.

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So basically...he can't listen to burnt CD's if he buys it?

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Yes he can. It says he CAN. The lower model doesn't play the MP3 and WMAs if you burn them on a CD as MP3 and WMA files. The other one does. If you make an audio cd it turns the MP3s and WMA into a wav file and burns it like audio CDs (albums) you buy in the store. So you will have like 20 songs, which can be played on both cd players. If you burn MP3s onto a CDR, you will have like 150 songs, depending on the size of the files, which can be played only on the more expensive model.
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