What amp to use and why.


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ok im new at the car stereo thing and i really want 2 of the new kicker 12 inch L7s. these are 750 watt rms and 1500 watt max each. although they are 4 ohm. what amp do any of you think would sufficiently powere these bad boys? or better yet, what amp specifications would work best? any examples and/or help would greatly be appreciated

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sealed enclosure, 4ga. anl fuses get a 3farad cap, amp: mtx, fosgate etc.. my friend has a 988watt power acoustik amp.. pushes really good.. but i still think my mtx15's hit better and my punch 60ix

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would the sealed enclosure sound better or ported? and would a kicker kx1200.1 be good for these two subs?

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That amp will do well for your configuration. Sealed box is better for sound quality, ported is better at SPL.

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Ideally you would want an amp that could put out 1500 watts at 1 ohm, if you weren't afraid to try it, could be risky. I would say hifonics, but there have been some issues with that, so look for a good amp that puts out about 1500 watts. the kicker would be a good amp for a ported enclosure cause they are underrated and it takes less power, the bigger the box.

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id say the hifonics brutus 1500d for cheap purposes, also, why in the hell would he get a 3 farad cap

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isn't it like 1 farad per 1000 watts roughly? definately not 3 farad.

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well if hes looking to push 1500rms at 1ohm a cap aint going to help if his electrical system can keep up with the current draw.

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exactly, HO alt before a cap. i would say a 1200.1 kicker would be fine. it actually puts out about 1400rms. i would go with a ported box,at least thats what we did for my friends 2 L7 15's. LOW LOW BASS!

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what amp does your friend use on those two l7 15's?
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