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Xonar Essence ST audiophile sound cardSteve2
New computer doesn't like the Sims 1?!?RandyEOwens1
How to do with the audio jack's ground on my amplifier boardanjia1
Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 helpmainstrike2003@yahoo1
Onboard Intel HD souncard vs Creative X-Fi HDalex pavel1
Logitech Z-906 Crashing Sound. Will New Sound Card Help?Nelorzoul1
ASTRO A50's and ASUS Xonar Essence STX?m!ke1
Best soundcard for 5.1 analogPennyRaider1
Music on my computer skips stuttersChip1
Strange Problemallen4
PC Sound Card Control Hooked up to Home Theater ReceiverPlymouth10
In need of sound card with 6 rca out puts Plymouth3
Confrence two audio streams together? Free Lancer1
I want to transfer my tapes to my hard drive....Gluib5
Optical Audio ConverterJexx4
Home Theater PC Sound CardKeith Willis1
How can you hook subs up to a pc?Jexx2
Having problems getting sound on my comp please helpxathica1
Lyrics cutout of rear satellitesnick1
HELP w/ audio from pc to tv!zhaojiabei4
No Audio got VideoJT1
Soundcard for BATS!!!Gilley1
Soundmax integrated digital audio no surround sound.Robbie Van Halen1
Have no audiolisa eaton5
Optical to Digital ConversionH Cadena1
HELP !! Confusion overload Oswald Cobblepot1
Which sound card?kory m kelly1
Audigy 2 to Logitech Z-5500 via OPTICALSiddharth5
Onkyo SE-u55 Sound BoardLuke O'Malley1
Do I need this soundcardDaniel Rumsey1
External compatible with z5500sFinker Andreas2
Help With Finding a Sound Cardwav.file8
Video interference when digital coax is hooked to pcTroy2
Help on Creative's fatitly xtre (64mb ram)Finker Andreas3
Digital Optical output on Dynex 5.1 sound card...does it do surround?Finker Andreas2
Audio Jacksdaniel scrobe1
Audigy Gamer (SB0090) Grounding problemDave the Man1
PCI-express x-fi xtreme audioHiLo1
Esi U46DJ, 5+1 speakers and mixer connection PROBLEM Rado1
Need help connecting creative 24bit external soundcard to a mixerRado2
Help needed trying to connect pc 2 stereo darren clarke13
Installing a Sound Card is Soundblaster Live 24-bit External on...arnie1
Do I need a sound card?Mark Svara8
Cassette to MP3 transferKaysee R.2
Sound Card for Audiophiles. Any recommendationsKaysee R.5
Mic out to line inbill hankins2
Sounds Card to Amp cableing Finker Andreas10
No sound on 1 output on Sound Blaster Audiugy 2 ZS (WDM) Aaron Lesch2
Need Info PleaseAndre Money2
USB sound devicesJD1
Having issues with dynex 5.1 sound cardJC3
Stuttering sound through SPDIF to Sony receiver.J. Jarvis2
Help/advice required for amp connected to pc.Ken Bokman2
No Sound From SUB on Audigy 2 ZSron van sleeuwen2
Conecting audigy 2 zs sound card to 5.1 stereoron van sleeuwen1
Creative Audigy 2S Platinium Pro+DVD ProblemAndrew Spark1
Turntable Connection To PC Sound CardDon Edwards1
XP OS and no soundChas1
Sonica Theater on MacBookPro AdviceTater Reese1
Xitel Pro Hi-FiBill Norris1
SB Live! Value ProblemKen Bokman2
No sound from speakers!!! error code 28Ken Bokman2
Turtle beach 5.1 soundcardnextra6
Have no Sound on my PCFinker Andreas3
7.1 card /w no ex or D.D, decodermikeo1
Problems With Echo Indigo IO and 96KHz ...Anselmo D. Castillo1
Audigy 2 ZS surround not working rightAdam Bluhm2
Best sound card for music listening?Kano2
ALC-850 or SB Live 24-bit with old Home Theaterterry2
External sound card for laptop...Anselmo D. Castillo5
PC sound card digital output problemAndrew Tedford1
Xbox 360 to Audigy 2 ZSaaron hoover2
Hooking up an soundblaster live 24bit external card NEED HELPCharley2
Do I Have the Correct Bus Slot?Ryan1
Need help connecting a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 Zs Platnium Pro card t...Ralph Clark1
Sound gone with Realtek SoundchipAnonymous1
Hooking up TWO z5300s to one computerRickAJ1
Audigy 2 firewire OUTPUT?Super Mario2
Can only hear out of one earphone on my computerd. reed1
Setting up my 4.1 speakers with CMI9739/AGaurav3
Need cheap PCI card that records 16 bit PCM with RCASteve Gouthro7
Help with Sound Blaster Live 24-bitlukenathan2
Best soundcard and prefered connection type?Hunter G1
Pure digital OutputFinker Andreas2
5.1 speaker systemFinker Andreas5
Need Advice on C inspire digital 5700 & Audigy 4 Finker Andreas2
5.1 problems with Sound Blaster LiveFinker Andreas4
Audio card + Receiver = Double calibration?Andre Arseneault1
Need to remove actors voices from dvd movieJexx13
Difference in sampling rates?mcraig3
Audgiy Sound Card QuestionsStephen Miklich1
Sound Card to Home Theatre ReceiverFinker Andreas2
If You Have X-Fi from Soundblaster Share Your Experience Here Finker Andreas2
Dual monitor ... dual sound?Silmara Domingos2
Connecting home stereo system to sound card, which cables where !!??LMcC4
Any suggestions on Sound Forge sound cardsdannb79
Cassete Tape to MP3? or Smaller??Jexx2
System EQ?Logan Willmert1
Turtle Beach Cards?tafkam3
Audigy2 - Sony surround sound amp ?Finker Andreas2
Help with audiotafkam4
Logitech 5.1 Z-640 with Audiomax/AC'97Nathan1
External 5.1 Sound CardKearn Mitchell7
Sound Card to Home Theater questionSKTurner1
Need help connecting 5.1 home theater to my soundcarddaniel knapp1
Need help...........!Zhan1
Computer sounds card connected to car audioTim3
Integrated sound on PCSteve Broderick2
Can i use audigy 1 platinum drive with an audigy 2zs?jasl791
Creative live 5.1 vs Creative Audigy 2 seriesamatsia spigler1
Tomshardware article on Creative Tech X-FIsoundcrazy11
Basic views on these two cards...Jeremiah Williams2
2 channel audio from audigy2 zs?Sirbasku6
Audigy 2 ZS platinum pro and RCA inputsCreasus1
Computer,Stereo Out, Can it be Split with a Y Adaptor?j, miller3
Rumbling noise?Jelvis3
Can this be done?Jelvis2
Sound card dual outputA3
Digital plus analograndyd1
URGENT! sound card for a personal studioJelvis8
Audigy2ZS iLink with AX5i from PionnerLuis Goncalves1
Conencting Audigy 2(no drive) to A/V receiver???Anonymous6
How to connect Audigy 2ZS DIGITAL OUT to DIGITAL IN of Yamaha RX-V4...A2
Using a dedicated soundcard...Arumugam Shanmuga Su3
Digital OUT connection on my sound cardT. Funchess2
Audigy 2 internal support for 88.2Khz?Michael Cristofski1
Digital record from cable nox to sound cardAnonymous1
DVD Digital out to soundcard digital inPaulie1
Creative audigy 2 zs notebook and ddts-100Michael Minasian1
Extigy and its Optical In and OutJohn Mace1
Audigy 2 zs with 7.1Christopher Lee2
Audigy 2 & Jbl speakersJavi1
6.1 surround from Audigy 2 to Receiver setupDaniel Rubin1
Audigy 2 ZS, Questions on Opt, Coax, & VolumeDaveAbbaFan1
Can u hear EAX effects from audigy 2 zs through a stereo reciveromar quresh1
Hey guys, whats the difference between audigy and 2?RnC1
Up-grading Computer Speakers?Anonymous1
Need Stereo Sound CardAnonymous1
Computer Stereo Line Out, Connecting to a stereo,wire type, etc.j, miller1
ISO daughter board with toslink inputBoNoMoJo1
Sound Quality card for Mac - no recording, listening only.Borismaster2

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