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Hey guys, i was looking at some keyboards and i saw some nice ones... check this out

(Im not buying them or anything, just showing you guys)

www. daskeyboard .com (take off spaces)
A blank keyboard made to increase your typing speed very very quickly, the clicking sounds it makes sound very "Professional", and the keys last almost 2x longer than a regular one. DO NOT BUY THIS if you cant type 1 word without looking at the keyboard, but if you can type a little without looking, this is great for you, and you will be typing faster in notime.

www. zboards .com (take off spaces)
More of a gaming keyboard, you can take off the panels and insert panels made for certain games.

www. artlebedev .com/portfolio/optimus/ (take off spaces)
A keyboard for a lot of uses. OLED's on every key make it possible to set "pictures" on each key to make it have the function of a zboard, or a das keyboard(turn off all oled's), also it can be programmed to type other languages.

www. logitech .com/index.cfm/products/details/US/EN,CRID=2288,CONTENTID=10717 (take off spaces)
The g15 has a LCD display to show you game information. It can also close up for transportation. The 18 programmable "G Keys" can be programmed to press certain keys, or macroes. All keys are illuminated to use in the dark.

OVERALL, my favorite keyboard is the Das keyboard no matter what anybody says. I do lots of gaming, and after a week of using the das keyboard, you will never look at the keyboard again, not even for gaming. This keyboard will make you type so fast, and the keys are so easy to press. After a week or two of using this, you will never use any other keyboard.

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I'm fine with my Toshiba laptop keyboard :-)

Cool links, though adding spaces was unnecessary. That keyboard is very cool, though it doesn't look like it will be released anytime soon or even will be. Seems a little too unrealistic :-(

The Das keyboard is interesting, for sure. What about your mouse? Razer? :P

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Actually, in retrospect, it has a high possibility of being made available to the public.

I remember there was a Russian head unit that had a six channel amplifier, total upgradeability, animated screen, all kinds of things like that. It actually was introduced, but it flopped. The build quality was crap, and I would expect the same of that keyboard, unfortunately.

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My keybord is very good,cool and very $$$.It

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LOL, I Just use cheap and affordable keyboards, is this about musical keyboards?

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The Gyration Mouse's patented motion-sensing technology allows you to mouse around using natural hand movements. Alternate between desktop and in-air use to reduce fatigue and discomfort associated with repetitive motion.

The ergonomically designed Gyration Mouse functions as a normal mouse when placed on a desk, but when it is picked up the Giro mode is activated and the pointer is moved by tilting the mouse. Alternate use in this way can reduce discomfort and wrist fatigue.
The Gyration Mouse's high power radio has a 10m range and transmits data at lightning fast speeds giving smoother tracking, more precise cursor movement and ultra fast response.

The FREE 104 key ergonomic mini keyboard has been designed for comfort and has 15 conveniently located keyboard hotkeys to make Internet browsing and multimedia control simple and convenient.

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XXXX!!WWWW, Yokosuka, ... SPESNAZ. ...

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Think twice before you buy a G15. I am on my second one since my first model was part of that batch that had no clear-coat on the keys and the paint wore off.

I have to say that Logitech's service department was awesome as usual and sent me a new unit after I read them the serial and other numbers off the bottom of the keyboard. And they sent a new one right out without even wanting the old one back!!

But.... now on the new one, the paint on the silver bordering piece that surrounds the keys is wearing off really bad below the windows key, left alt, and space bar. I found out after thinking about it that I drag my left thumb across there when i type. So I guess there was no clear coat on that area either. They apparently fixed the keys issue because they are fine so far. I am just going to take it apart and repaint the silver piece with some Krylon or something , but I have little doubt that if I contacted Logitech they would probably send another new one.

Everything else about this keyboard rocks, from the look of it, to the soft and responsive keys, the extra gaming buttons and of course the LCD screen -- which the novelty of, in all honesty, wears off after a couple weeks. I haven't even opened it in like a month. All in all a very good keyboard but without the usual Logitech quality control. Seems they rushed this one too fast to market. I just wonder what will wear out next.

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I'm going to order me a DAS keyboard, I've seen them years ago but always wanted one. I find the zboards are very cheap, I have used many of them before. The logitech is a amazing board, a friend owns one, and the OLED board is a amazing concept. It is far to expensive to be useful. Aside from them I use the apple wireless keyboard (really really nice bluetooth) and I also use 2 microsoft ergo keyboards (the big split keyboards). I think they are the most comfortable keyboard on the market, they take forever to get used to, but wrist pain will be gone forever.

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This one rocks: 15&CatId=142

^^^Sickest keyboards around.

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man i have never seen such nice keyboards until today. i thought mine was good. the gyration , das keyboards were very nice

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Yes, Das keyboards are very good.

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I currently use a laptop so I don't think I would need any at this time.
I like to use Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse.

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really cool
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