How long do you leave your computer on?


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Is it fine for the equipment if you leave it on all day? will it ruin the equipment if i leave it on all day. well dont think it will, just want to make sure.

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Of course, but with heat taking its toll on any electronic equipment, it may not last as long.

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It won't hurt it. I never shut down my computer and I know a lot of other people that don't either.

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Think of servers, computers at stores, doctor's offices, etc etc.....never ever turned off. Computers are made to be left on...If you have a high speed internet connection your OS is prob set for auto update and needs its connection......I understand that turning a computer on and off each day is harder on it than leaving it on......My Mom refuses to leave her's on 2 years 3 power supply's have been replaced.......So in short leave it on have power saving settings on if you want for your monitor to go off at 30 min of no activity but the desktop it uses less power than a light bulb on idle.

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Let it run. My 2 computers have been running 24/7 for the past 3 years...I also have a large Unix server here at work that has been running 24/7 for 6 years!

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These guys are right, they are designed assuming that they will be left on 24/7. I turn mine off every few days for the night, just for a rest. As long you have your drives set to shut off in a reasonable time, it is fine to leave it on all of the time. But the most important thing is that you make sure you keep all of your case vents, fan blades, and fan filters clean.

I have seen alot of people fry vidcards because after six months of not cleaning, their box turned into a virtual oven, and the vidcard fan itself was so clogged with dust and silt it could barely move any air. Then they play a demanding game one day like HL2 and bam, no video.

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Only business desktops are designed assuming 24/7. Not home PCs.

Heat affects electronics - they age faster, esp the capacitors in the power lines.

And, why waste energy? In the standby mode, every device consumes some power, however small it may be.

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Business desktops aren't radically different from home PCs...

It used to be that it was desirable not to turn off the computer, as it would eventually cause the hard disk to crap out. With modern hard drives, that issue has gone away.

As far as the cons of keeping a PC on there is electricity used (minimal on standby, it won't really make a difference on your power bill), and the current flow (not really the heat, unless you have a really poorly designed machine) will eventually deteriorate the hardware. However, I can say that in the room next to me, I've got a pair of nearly 10 year old Pentium II PCs running 24/7, and they have been for pretty much all their lives.

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The PCs at my office seem never shut down, and they have been running for almost 1 year without any big hardware problems..

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^^^Spammy girl.

I can't stand the racket my machine makes when I start and restart. I do however have to from time to time to freshen it up so to speak. I leave mine on but put it in power save mode just to turn off the drives. I also shut down my speaks and dsl modem. The modem can get hot and heat = $$ loss. I agree to keep your fan grills and filters clean. My pc is on the floor and can really suck up the dust. When I buy a pc I expect at least 3 years out of it. If I get 4, great. If I get 5, wow. Any longer and I'm due for a new machine anyway. My HP is running about 3+ years old now, still going strong.

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Basically - fine to leave PC's on. By the very nature of how Windows is designed, it's good to at least re-boot it from time to time

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Since most users have automatic updates anyways which most require a restart. That will cover your reboot from time to time.

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i have a prob with sony vaIO VGN FJ1S getting too heated up if i leave it on for more than 2 hours or so becomes so hot that i cant practically keep it on my lap and work ...please suggest!

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I left my computer running for 2 weeks it was fine and the computer is about 4 years old or more!!

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if your still around lol

Their are "pads" i call them that you place your laptop on that have fans built in that help with the overheating. I recommend you get one it will help save your laptop as high heat is NEVER good. You can find one at just about retail outlet that sells computers re: wal-mart, office depeo, radio shack for $20-50

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i agree with most people here. i usually leave my computers on for a few weeks at a time then turn them off for a nite's rest. HOWEVER, i have had to fix pc's for people who left their pc on day in and day out and eventually one of the fans craps out. usually its no big deal since they hear the noise in the morning, turn the pc off and call me. but when its the CPU fan or power supply fan, they can feel the pain. so, its fine to leave the comps on, just check on them from time to time internally to make sure everything is ok in there.

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I turn my computer on hibernate or i just shut it down.It is very quick when i shut it down becuase i have 2 gigs of ram.

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leaving it on is okay,

the power surge of startup can stain the mother board,power supply. same with your car when you start you should turn the keys slightly before you start it to send slight power to the car computer before you full power is send

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all the time

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