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Just to let you guys know, I have no clue when it comes to computers. So heres my problem. My CD drive will not take a CD. If I put a CD in my drive it will just spit it right back out. Now I have figured out that if I hit the tower really hard when the CD is going in, it will stay in. It plays games and music CD's fine, but I cannot burn CD's now. Anyone know what is going on with this peice of crap.

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Let us try these troubleshooting options:

1. I have come across instances where the CD-ROM/CD-RW drive tray ejects due to virus. So need to check for virus by running an antivirus software. Virus can also be scanned only using the online virus scanner like the one in this web site:


Once it is confirmed that there is no virus invasion let us try these options.

2. Ensure the cables (Data cable and the power cable) to the CD-ROM/CD-RW drives are firmly connected.

NOTE: Disconnect the power supply before opening the computer to check the connections.

3.If you have a bootable CD you can check the functionality of the drive by placing it on the drive and restarting the computer.

NOTE: Reset the BIOS by removing the CMOS battery from the motherboard and putting it back after 10 seconds. Change the boot option in the BIOS to CD-ROM/CD-RW drive.

If the computer boots from the bootable CD and starts the process from the CD then the drive is reading fine. Else the issue is with the drive.

4. If the drive is reading the files in the CD and booting fine let us check the functionality of the write head in the CD-RW drive. This can be done by burning the files as data CD. For information visit this web site (Windows XP):


5. In case same problem occurs try burning with CD burning software.

6. The next option is to try connecting the CD-RW device to a different computer and test.

7. Also try using different brand of CD media.

If all the above fails then it confirms to be issue with the CD-RW drive and requires replacement.

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