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I'm new here and purchased a new Gateway computer in March with a DVD burner on it. I have been trying to copy (from my own library!) DVD's to blank DVD's (for my own library!) but come up against the copywrite infringement message. Is there any way to override this on the computer?


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You have to get specialized programs that can bypass the copyright protection. It does not always work and often full of bugs.

There was a program called DVD XCopy but I think they have been sued.

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yes there is a program.... www.dvddecrypter.com and www.dvdshrink.com ... I have found if i use dvd deecryter first and then use dvd shrink the dvd copies dont hang up playing on my xbox or ps2 and there isnt one movie you cant copy with these two programs used together

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my links werent right just type in dvdecrypter and dvd shrink in google and youll find them....they are excellent pieces of software

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Hi wonder if someone could help... could anyone tell me whether i can put in a dvd-r drive into my Sony Vaio??? Any help would be much appreciated..


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sean is correct.

i generally use DVDdecryptor in combo with Virtual Dub to make divx out of dvd's. this combo never fails to give me the correct audio track unlike dr.divx.

i ve never experienced any problem in using dvddecryptor with dvdshrink either.

those 2 above listed are really good.

alternatively if u have another dvd rom then u can just copy disc to disc using Nero without a dump.
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