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If you plug in an optical cable into an optical-to-coaxial converter, you only have one coaxial out, if I am correct. But wouldn't this be stereo (2 channels) coming out, since there is only one cable coming out, and not 5.1 anymore?
I ask because on the back of my 5.1 speaker installation I have 3 plugs (presumably Center - Front - Rear). If I get an optical to coaxial converter, and get one out-cable, how do I get 5.1 sound from one cable, when 5.1 sound takes 3?
Or am I seeing things wrong?

Thanks in advance

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Optical and coaxial are both transmitting the same digital signals, just in a slightly different format -- if the signal being sent through the optical cable is Dolby 5.1 then it will still be Dolby 5.1 when it converts to coax and reaches its destination. UNLESS the optical/coax converter box you are using "downsamples" or otherwise alters the signal -- read the manual to find out. Most converter boxes just pass the signal through without altering them.

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Ok, many thanks. An additional question:

My sound system has 3 entrances (all 3 stereo plugs I believe). If I get a converter, and get one coaxial out with it, is there any way to get that coaxial to split into 3 separate channels, which match my 5.1 speaker system entrance (color-coded green-black-orange, as it is originally meant for you to be able to hook up your computer to it)?
And is this possible while still retaining accurate 5.1 channels which match the original Dolby Digital (by this I mean not randomly split the sound, but retain the correct channels)?
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