Help w/ Monster Cable Home Theatre In a Box?


Sheldon BC
Please forgive my ignorance as I'm a newbie to the home theater scene. From what I've read and heard I've decided on purchasing the Onkyo HT 650 system. I won't be setting it up for a few more days but until then I've been wondering exactly on what speaker wires I should use. Judging from a lot of the comments I see on here, most "in box" cables that come with a system are poor in comparison to third party I am looking to use better speaker cables when I do end up wiring my Onkyo 650 up. My question is, can I use the "Monster Cable Home Theatre in a Box Speaker Connection Kit" with my Onkyo 650? Are these cables compatible with my HT system (will the Monster cables fit in the speakers and receivers?) I'm not exactly looking for best value here, just the most convenient setup for now.

Thanks for any help

Pick up the 100 kit at Walmart and if they don't work take them back and go to Radio Shack.
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