Newbie question regarding sub cables


Just pieced a system together for cheap, I am now getting down to the final component, cables.

I have some Radio Shack 16G speaker wire, a Coax and TOSLINK cable for the DVD player and PS2 but I am unsure what cable I need for the sub. Its a powered 10" Axiom EP125 sub with both high and low level inputs. I only have a Sub Preout on the reciever (an HTR-5540). Its an RCA jack, will any RCA cable work as long as its 75 Ohms?

I actually have a spare highend Video RCA cable from my TV (I use component in to the TV). Its rated 75 Ohm and shielded. Would this work for audio or do I need a special subwoofer/audio cable to carry the signal to the sub? Is it a good idea to get a cable specifically label as a subwoofer cable? I can't find Monster cables in my town, but I honest never really looked. Plenty of AR cables though...

Any rca cable will work and should sound fine. If budget allows, a quality cable would be ideal but there really is no such thing as a dedicated subwoofer cable. As i stated, use what you have and enjoy!
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