Best option for Component to 15pin RGB | Adapter ? Converter? Custom Cable?


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Hey everyone, first time poster!
I need to know what my options are to achieve the highest quality out of my AV gear,

right now I have my digital a/v receiver taking in 2 componenet video signals, one from the DVD player & one from a cheap compnenet switch box that cost no more than $10:

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The PS2 XBoX and GameCube all go through this component switch using very high quality cables:

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so my first question may be obvious, are all 3 consoles picture quality suffering due to this cheap component switch?
i hear the video bandwidth may be insuffucient if so, could anyone reccomend a switch that can handle the signal quality from these kind of high quality cables?

My Second question is about the output signal quality from the av receiever to my projector (using a 15pin RGB cable since there is no direct component video input yet the projector displays HDTV signals upto 1080p)
the output is through the 3rd component rca's of the av reciever through an extremely high quality component cable:

but then i use a cheap tiny female compnent rca sockets to 15pin rgb adapter that came with the projector to connect it! that looks similar to this but not even the gold plating and hard casings..:

perhaps a high quality componenet one side and 15pin rgb the other would be an imporvement? (

i need to know the weekpoints in my setup, the A/V receiever is a Cambridge Audio Azur 540R and the Projector is a NEC VT 470. Any help would be gladly appreciated. thanx in advance.
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