Convert speaker wire to s video---or get power to speakers without reciever


frank the hun
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i got surround sound speakers but no reciever (cost too much right now) so I want to get power to all speakers -6 total- without using a reciever. I got a dvd payer i thought of unsing as my temporary reciever but i need to convert my regualr speaker wire to either s-video (prefered) or speaker wire to rca.
OR is there any other cost effective way to get around buying a reciever and still having all my speakers work well?

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Better do some home a nutshell you have no idea waht you are doing, nor will your set up even come close to working!! Start first by looking into what s-video is......hint..s-VIDEO, it has nothing to do with speakers.

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Look here... it has pictures too! m&SID=cd97b8f50acc9130f2999fb5208eeb4b

Good Luck.

frank the hun
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tpe- YOU need to do YOUR homework, my t-m55 (th-m55??) connects speakers to the main unit by a s-video cord which sends power to the speakers..
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