Component to RGB(VGA/15 Pin)???


Hey Everyone! I posted this over on the Home Theater Side and stumbled across this little jewel. Hopefully someone can offer some guidance.

I just purchased the NEC LT240K projector and want to hook up a progressive-scan DVD player. The problem is that there isn't a component hook-up on the projector. Instead they have a 15 pin port listed as "RGB" which the manual says is for my DVD player component wire (or a laptop). NEC sells a handy-dandy adaptor but it's only 6 ft long and I have a distance of 30' to cover.

My main problem is this. I was calling around to local shops that set up large company conference rooms, and this guy kept asking me why I didn't want to use s-video?!? Well last I knew component was the way to go.

He said that;
1.The port I'm talking about is called "VGA" &
2.In order to do what I want I'd have to get a $600 video scaler because the degradation of the image due to the distance and adaptor would be considerable. Is that right?

If so, why? I saw a few VGA cords listed on ebay with RCA(component?) breakout on the other end. Are these cheap cords sitting out there waiting to rip me off? 30' for $55. What about getting a higher-end length of component cable? Do they make Female-to-Female adaptors for component cables so I could hook it into the NEC adaptor? Would both of these ideas make me lose out on progressive scan? Could I get progressive-scan out of a normal s-video cable?

Sorry for so many questions, I realize I've lost my mind. I thought I had this all worked out and then this monkey walks in and throws his wrench. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Go to Find the component to RGB (DB15) patchcable. Read reviews on Bettercales "silverserpent" models. The cable you need (30') is around $275. I bougth a component cable from them (30' also) and I'm very happy with it.

you can buy DVD players with RGB out
nintaus player - does pro scan - or buy a
compnent to RGBVH Red Green Blue Vertical
Horizontal. VGA... component is a different
system, cables are not the only issue here.

If your projector device supports "sync on green" (which it probably does if the manual says you can use a DVD component cable), then you can use any component break-out cable on the box. For a length of 30', I'd make sure you have an adequately shielded cable to minimize signal degradation.

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I just bought Infocus-X1, and they do make the Component Video otuput progressive scan (480p) that can connect to VGA 15 pin port. I am not sure if they work on your machine. This cable is only US$10. Go to the, America site and to the store, search for SP-VIDEO-ADPTR

Here is their link : VIDEO-ADPT&clist=017080322b69:017080322b6b:&tab=desc
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