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A few minutes ago I posted this very same message in reply 2 someone else's thread that Tom Cruise was crazy. But I figured it was important enough 2 have its own thread.

[This assertion]...I think needs a more critical approach. Not critical 2 Tom Cruise, but 2 this campaign of destruction that seems apparent 2 me.

Tom Cruise's movies, collectively, are not that bad at all. Of course this could be argued on many levels of taste and preference, and in the end neither side could convince the other about whether his movies are talentless flops or greatness.

But this is not the point I wanted to make. I want 2 suggest that everyone think critically about what they're hearing/reading regarding Tom Cruise. Or, more 2 the point, what is being said about Tom Cruise.

I smell a "hit job".

Considering all the antics many of Hollywood's stars get involved in these days: drunk-driving, assaults, drug abuse, domestic violence, vacations at Betty Ford's etc., what exactly has Tom Cruise done that is so bl/oody terrible?

Yes, he jumped on Oprah's couch - so!

Yes, he backs up his scientific beliefs when challenged on them - so!

What makes him such a lightning rod for criticism lately? I really don't get it. I read everywhere, and hear a lot (media, fans, blogs, forums) about how he's a closet ho/mo/sex/ual...uh?

First, unless the world is more homophobic than I had thought, I can't see what the big deal is even if he does one day acquiesce and say: "yes, I'm g/ay, now leave me alone".

Secondly, I don't understand how they make the conclusion that he is g/ay. He's been married 2 a beautiful woman in the past; has dated other beautiful women before having a kid with Katie Holmes... so what is the reasoning behind this allegation and why should that matter? It seems someone is trying 2 make this more of an issue than I or others would normally consider it. Am I alone here?

And, his religious beliefs are no crazier than that of other religious Hollywood actors/stars. In my opinion, he's far less dangerous than Mel Gibson...or Arnold Schwarzenegger or many, many other influential celebrities, for that matter.

He probably offends those who don't share his views when he starts talking about his own beliefs and why he chooses 2 practice them instead. But, again, that's no crazier than Hollywood's Christian hypocrites we see divorcing a half dozen times in a life - certainly not Christian at all - (I'm Christian by the way, and probably a hypocrite 2).

Nor is he any different from the Jewish celebrities, and high-powered Hollywood influences that would, rightfully, defend their own beliefs.

But Tom Cruise, in recent years, has been the victim of an organized bashing campaign that has, seemingly, reached fruition.

When Tom Cruise begins 2 really stand out from the other celebrities, with inexplicable behaviour, that sets him aside from most of the others (I'm thinking trips 2 Namibia here), then I will see relevance in this media rough-up job. For now, he's much tamer, and much more civil than a lot of other Hollywood fat-heads. In fact, Tom Cruise is probably less arrogant, and much more fan-friendly than other Hollywood celebrities.

I challenge u 2 look a little deeper into the allegations against him before u draw conclusions. In other words, are u convinced he is as nuts as they say he is based on his actions (perceived or not), or are u being sold an idea? Is he "nuts"? Or are u being lead 2 a conclusion by the sellers of this campaign?

If u think he's as "nuts" as they say, would u agree that he's no more nuts than the rest of Hollywood? Really?

I think he's shown himself 2 being a pretty decent guy, given all that he's had 2 endure over the last several years - smear campaigns, pies in the face, being watered-down while greeting fans, media attacks, accusations of being g/ay, comedian attacks, talk-radio insults...the list is long.

I don't know who he peeved off, but it should be self-evident that he is the target of an unfair smear campaign. I'm not normally an apologist for the affluent, famous or the powerful, but this one doesn't seem right 2 me. I would empathize a lot less with him if he was the type 2 use his publicists 2 create controversial stories about himself...Madonna, for example. But this is not the case with Tom Cruise.

Personally, the message I take from all this is: if u dare 2 think differently from the norms we've created about ourselves, then be prepared - "they" will come for u, and they will bury u.

Seems sad really...I see this as the discouragement of free thought. Yes, ur free 2 say/think what u want in our society. No, u won't be shot...but we'll find another way 2 "kill" u.

BTW (2 cents) - many of the words above have been edited 2 reflect the censoring rules. I can't for the life of me understand why any of these words should be censored...oh well.

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no one gives a sh!t about tom cruise so get on with your life loser.

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Thank u for ur insightful comment loser mofo.

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i agree with you Ryerson.

and people like fegola mofo, are those who will live a very lonely life, never fully understanding anything, b/c they approach other people's thoughts and beliefs like this


no one gives a sh!t about tom cruise so get on with your life loser.

case in point

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I think Freud would suggest that mofo was actually saying:

"no one gives a sh!t about [MY LIFE] so [I'M THE LOSER NOT] Tom Cruise"

It sounds like a cry for help, i'm afraid.

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It sounds like a cry for help, i'm afraid.

Some tough love maybe?

mofo, butt out and go clean your room.

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Ok if you what to have a little giggle over Tom Cruise, check this out, "you can be my wing man anytime!" Yikes!

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Ok, let me weigh in with my $0.02. Firstly, I think Tom Cruise is a great actor: Collateral was one of the best movies I've seen, and I hear good reports about War of the Worlds and MI:III. And I agree that he's no (or perhaps only slightly) more crazy than a lot of the Hollywood celebrities are today.

BUT he does crazy stuff like jumps on Oprah's couch, says he's gonna eat his baby's placenta, attacks Brooke Shields for taking medication for post-natal depression, and is very outspoken on some of the more controversial beliefs on what is already a very controversial religion. There are a lot of scientologists in Hollywood, but most of them don't try to convey their beliefs so vocally and forcefully, like Tom Cruise does.

So yeah, if he continues to make good movies, I'll continue to watch them. But I think he has alienated a larger proportion of his fan base than any smear campaign, no matter how carefully constructed, ever will.

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LOL, Hmm, one that springs to mind! Nick Nolte!

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