Help! I dont know what to buy ..checky my system


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Hey everybody..currently i have a 94 celica st.coupe...with the trunk...anyways..i have one VISONIK V2908 big amp...its like 3.5 ft long..i pushes 2400 watts of clean power..uhm i have 2 audiobahn 15 inch alumQ subs. they sound real pretty.. but i think my amp miight be clipping.. im not entirly sure how to hook it up (anybody know)but i am only running 8 gauge to the amp.. im gonna put a cap in...and id like to put a second battery in..but can somebody tell me how to hook that up...and can i use my current 8 gauge with that..i also have a smaller visonik amp that is 1400 watts 2 channel and two 600 watt 4 channel jensen amps...i also have 4 titanium jensen 12" subs. im thinking about buying a Resonant Engineering dvc MT 18 inch sub. any comments on that? i wanna make a pretty custom install to any ideas? thanks! really i just wanna use what i have and maybe that 18 to make the loudest and cleanst sound i can...thanks people.

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First of all upgrade that 8 gauge to at least 4 gauge may even wanna use 0 gauge for that much power. I would say the reason you are clipping is your amp is not getting enough power to push the subs right so switch out the power wire. Check your gains once you do that to make sure they arent turned up too much. Gain is not a volume control.

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anybody elses comment please?

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that sounds about right
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