Need help with amp installation!!


i'm looking to get a 1600 watt max amp 2 800 watt max subs. i have a cigargette lighter in the back right next to where the amp will be. will the ciigarette lighter provide enough power to the amp or do i need a second power supply? anyone that has any kind of installation advice please let me know! also is there anything special i need to know about installing subs into an empty box?

its me again and i have a lot more questions about installing a system. first, is the 1600 watt amp and 2 800 watt subs too much? should i decrease power? secondly if i get the 1600 watt amp would i need a capacitor in order to run it properly? thirdly do i have to hook up my regular speakers to the amp? what i'm really looking for is a thumping system at the cheapest price. all i have now is an infinity basslink which is good but i want better. if anyone has any suggestions for different amps and subs for what i'm looking for then please email me at or post a response. thanks.

well Dan.. i have some questions to ask before i can answer yours.. first... do you have the amps and the subs.. second, if so.. what is the name brand and RMS ratting of the subs.. the max ratting does nothing for picking an amp... cause it may have a max rating of 800 watts and a RMS rating of 100 which means a quality amp such as fosgate may be rated at 800 but really means that it is running 800 rms.. which would kill your speakers.. rms is the real rating you want to look for when buying an amp and speakers.. thats where you will get your real sound from ..

hey chris how are ya doing. i read ur post. i changed my mine on what i'm looking to get here are the specs:

2 Legacy 12" Woofer 450 Watts Max 250 RMS and a Pyle "Blue Wave" 2 Channel 300x2, 600x1 Watts Max Amplifier

this is most likey what i'm gunna buy, but i haven't bought anyhting else. if u have any other suggestions on what to get that not too much $$ please feel free to tell me. Thanks


Sounds like a good match.. i have delt with both those amps and subs.... be careful on those subs... the voice coil sometimes comes loose.. easy to fix thouth... it comes alose at the connection.. but once you fix it the first time it rarely happens again...

OH and Dan.. watch your ratings... the amp's rms rating is about 50 over for each speaker..dont want to turn the gains up too high..

i have one last question. right now i have 2 orion series 2 subs sitting around at 500 watts rms. if i were to still get that pyle amp would that be ok? will i still get thump?

YESSSSS INDEED.... those are some very good subs... use them... they will work perfectly... you may want to later on upgrade to a higher output amp... but that will be your choice.. and to be honest you can get a mtx amp or the pioneer gm-x972 that will push those speakers harder than the pyle blue wave amp... and they dont cost that much

even though the wattage isn't alot its still good? i guess the higher the wattages doesn't really mean better?

ya see Dan,
with companies like pyle, boss, power amper, those small companies like that.. they take the amps max rating and say its a 1000 watt amp... which can be true.. it may be 1000 max.. but the rms is only 100... thats the trick to good loud music.. the rms figures.. now the other companies that you pay more for...actually have more wattage than they claim.... for instance... mtx is a fairly cheep priced amp for the wattage.. take their 500 watt class d amp.. it actually puts out close to 1000 watts (and thats rms) not peek which is always more... and my sources are real.. here is the link to the review of the class D amp mtx came out with(this is a couple years back when they first came out with the amp)... the review is from Car Sound and Performance Magazine...... ...... just go ahead and copy this link and take a look at what they had to say about this amp.. even that pioneer amp i stated about before had a rms rating of 400 watts rms x 1 at 4 ohms..

thanks chris, youve been great. i'm am probably going to get that pioneer one u said before. i found it for 125 with tax and shipping and thats awesome and just what i'm looking for. especially getting those to subs for free in a box. all i gotta do now it hook it up.

Have fun Dan... as i know you will..

hey chris just to let u know i actually ended up with a rockford 300s amp that i got an amazing deal on.

Great...if your still gona use those orion subs.. i would add another fosgate amp later on to have one per sub....

Hello my name is Larry I have A generic Jdlx amp
I Have A Question Of Power Supply ..Do i need to come directly off battery or can i connect to an open hole on the fuse panel

hey chris, could i just use the internal amp of a head unit drive the mid and high speakers, while having a separate power amp to drive the sub? (yes, a have a low budget at the moment)

i have a 4ch boss 600w amp and and one speaker, i want ot know how to bridge for a single 800w speaker

For all those who have asked about how to power your amps...
If you are smart, you will run a power line directly from the battery. The line should have an in-line fuse of about 30 amps (or more for high-watt amplifiers). If you run your amplifier from an open hole in the fuse panel, you may damage your car's electrical system. ALso, Dan, be careful about drawing too much power off of your battery without installing a capacitor. In the long run (or short run), you will destroy your car's alternator if you suck so much power without that capacitor. The capacitor will store up power and release it in short spurts for heavy-hitting bass. This will save your battery (and alternator) from extreme power depletion. However, you need to make sure you fuse things properly.

To bridge the amp for one speaker, connect the positive from one channel to the negative of the other channel. Most amplifiers will have brackets that will show which ones to use. My amp has an A and B selector switch. If I have the selector on A and B, I am running up to four channels. If it is just on A, I run up to two channels. I leave it on A and then bridge the two channels into one. Do this by noting that each channel has a positive and negative, so 4 + and 4 - altogether. Use the positive from one channel and the negative from a different channel (if you have A and B selectors, make sure you bridge both the A's, or both the B's). These TWO wires will be using BOTH channels, so you will have only two channels left on a four-channel amp. Email me (click on the blue Cambo) if you need more help.

Dan Schill
Hey guys... ive read the posts and im thinking there must be someone out there that can help me.... i have two 12" mtx 6000's and a kenwood 600watt amp... im working on hooking it up to a sony head unit which sits in my 92 explorer... but when i look for a place to run my remote wire i see two blue wires in the back, one with a white stripe, but both appear to have been cut (like the others) and taped back together and run into the harness allong with the rest of the wires... i dont know if i should just untape the one with the white stripe and splice the remote wire on then tape it back up or what.... i rather not run it through the cig lighter... any ideas of whats going on ? THANKS!!!


i have no clue on how to hook up an amp but i have it pretty well figured out. exept for the input terminal labled remote. what the hell does it do and where do i hook it up at and if i dont have one what do i do

That wire should be connected to the remote out on the head unit. When you turn on the radio, that connection provides a 12 volt trigger to let the amp know it should turn on as well. The amp wont turn on unless this wire is connected.

... and don't connect it directly to the battery if your head unit doesn't have a remote connection if you want to start your car in the morning. At least connect it to the accessory panel of your fuse box [if your head unit doesn't have a remote wire]. Don't connect it to the head units power antenna connection either. The amps will turn on when you play the radio but shut down if you playa CD.

Hope this helps.

hey i have 2 kenwood 7251 amps and 2 12" mtx thunder6000 subs what is the best way to hook this up? do i need any attachments or anything? please give me some help thanks..peace

ok.. I have an old legacy booster. It is a LEQ-12A. Its the one with the decibal chart on the top. It has 3 wires comnin out the back. Orang black and red. Which one is the ground, hot ETC.. i need to know how to hook it up so i can add a little power to my JL audio 8's. If anybody knows how, Email me

hey. hopefully someone out there can help me out. iv got 2: 900 watt max 350 watt rms sony explode subs. what size amp should i get.


Well I have some kappas speakers and 1 12" JL sub. I have a 2channel amp for my sub and a 4 channel amp for my speakers. I also have a pioneer head unit which has the sub input.

My question is , what is the"correct" way to hk everthing up?? i'm fairly new to this but i've been reading up on amp installs. do i need a fuse distribution or ground distribution blk? well i have 2 remote wires for the 2 amps but 1 remote out onthe head unit. Do ppl usually just clamp the two wires togehter?
Thanks, any info would be greatly appreciated.

i'd like someone to tell me the best way to hook up power to an amp, what should i use and where should i connect it. i want to do the job right, but im on a slightly tight budget too...thanks.

hey i got a 1000.1bd fosgate amp and 2 12'' fosgate punch hx2 how should i wire the amp off my truck. with the factory stereo its a 99 ford eplorer eddie bauer. i ran a remote off the fuse power off the battery and my ground off a bolt on the seat. for the rca's i had to by a converter that i ran off my rear speaker but for some reason smoke came out of my amp y. also does the 1000.1bd amp use a fuse and i didn't have a fuse holder or my power.

I have an amp now powering my four speaker, i wanna ask how do i install another amp. Do i install it the same and share the same remote wire. Need help. - email me if anyone can help at -

milton MJ audio
You guys don't know anything about car systems. I would hook all ur systems in parallel wiring mode in order to get best out of it. The guy with the 1000.1 bd amp and 2 "12" punch Hx2 check out and go to wiring wizard. U C what i mean.

hey everyone. jus to let you know this has turned out to be a fantastic board. i came in with a lot of questions, had a read through and they have all been answered. cheers.

I have a Pyramid 445x amplifier and 2 10" Bazooka subs. I also have the Aiwa cdc-z107 cd player, and everytime i hook the remote amp wire to the blue wire in the head unit, it goes MUTE. I can still here the music if i turn it up more, but the amp wont turn on. I tested to see if the amp even worked by running the remote wire str8 to the battery, so the amp does work. Can someone let me know if there is anything i can do so i can hear my beats? (the amp is 600W max, and the subs are 200W each) thanks.

hi guys. i have a boss 120+120 amp.... it has a place for the ground, rem, and B+...what is the B+ has 4 screws on the same side as these three screws for speakers hookup......the other side has hi-input and low- input i need to hook anything up to these holes? thanks very much guys!!!

nothing is needed for the high or low input. the b+ is most likely for power, because on the amp, you need the 3 for ground, remote, and power wire.
just use the 4 terminals on the same side as the ground power and remote.

thanks derek...i'll give that a try....let you guys know what happens!

I have a 1600 watt amp... a 1000 watt amp... i also have 2 700 watt 6x9 wich is 1400 watts... two 6.5 s that are...150 watts each... and i also have a sub wich is a 1000 watt... I was thinking about putting the 1600 amp scincei s a four channel... one channel to each of the 6x9 and the other two channels to each of the 6.5 ... the 1000 watt amp i was thinking about hooking it up to the 1000 watt speaker... it all sound s good .but i still havent hookd it up and when i hookd up the 1000 watta mp to the 1000 watt sub... you could barely hear it i dont know why can you help me hooking my system up... thank you.!!!

check the gains on your amp. they may be turned way down. if that doesnt work, try reversing the polarity on your sub. what brand of amp and sub are these?

well i got a four channel cuspid am-4310 amp its a 1600 watt...the other amp its a 1000 watt PYRAMID PB449X ..the sub. i got is an EXTREME virtual power that handles 1000 watts.. the 6x9s i got are 700 watts each...wich bring it up to 1400 watts... i also got 2 6.5s wich are 150 watts each bringing it to 300 watts... well the gain controls..are in the middle they are not low... i plan on hooking up the CUSPID amp. to both the six by nines.. well using only two channels... which is only 400 watts per channel... i know the speaker s are 700 watts each..would this be a problem?? and i was planning on hooking up the other two each of the 150w att 6.5s.. wich is 800watts from the amp...only using. 300watts for the 6.5s i tried hooking up the 6.5 just like that to the stereo without an amp...but the speaker ends up turning off when the stereo starts to get loud... do i need a 300 watt amp only for this speakers? what else can i do ... also on the 6x9 speaker s once i hookd them up the tweeters were the only ones working...i put my hand on the inside of the speaker and held it down and it workd as normal... but once i took my hand off the speaker was not working no more..this are brand new speakers are they no good? well i know you answered my last question so im here once again i need more equipment ...well that s all i got so far ...thank you.!

well, the problem is that the stuff that you bought is cheap. you most likely bought this equipment without knowing that it is not very good at all. both of the amps that you have most likely are only putting out around one or two hundred watts, that is why it isnt as loud as you think it should be. cuspid and pyramid are known for over rating their products and make many people mad in the process.

tommy g
can u bridge one 10 inch bazooka speaker with a two channel amp? if so how

I have two 12in. JL Audio W3's . I'm thinking about getting four 10in. kenwood tornados.My ? is will the tens hit harder?

Is there anyone outhere?

The Rock
I have 4 12in. road gears. I got them in Wal Mart are they any good?

Hey Rock, you bought 12in. what?

The Rock
I bought 12in. Subs.

Hey Rock, should I slap You now or later?

The Rock
Why what did I do?

You go to Walmart to buy socks or boxers, You dont buy subwoofers there. So that should answer your stupid question.

tommy g
if u buy any audio equipment from walmart get well known brands such as pioneer,sony and jensen/panasonic being the cheapest good brand as for road gear keep away they will totally lie and exagerate the power hanling wattage....sad but true..good if u have no radio at all but dont go entering that stuff in any car audio show or you will get booed and laughed at...hey someone help me with my ?

I have a quesiton for yall, cause you seem to know what you talking about. How do i go about hooking up 3 subs to one amp?? The subs are DVC 10" type R's. I can either get ones that are 2ohm + 2 ohm, or i can get ones that are 4 ohm + 4 ohm, both of them w/ an RMS of 300. If i can hook 3 of them up to one amp, which ones should i get, and what powered amp should i get? I'd really appreicate your help, no one on this board seems to know exactly how to do it.

what is the best way to hook up two amps in my car i have a 200 watt amp for my interior speakers that isn't hooked up yet and an amp that i was told would be 350w if it was bridged for a 12in. sub that is in the trunk but i didnt go profess. when i had it installed so aint no telling what the hell its doing and my 12 isn't hitting like it should so what should i do im cheap and i dont want to spend to much
not bumping in nc

hi, i have bought two 10" subs rated at 400max think its 200rms not sure and a 10" 600 watt max which is 300 rms, im having trouble buying an amp i cant seem to find 1 that fits in probaly, can any one help??? tell me a few decent amps that kick out the power for the hole lot???

tommy g
hey koolaid if your radio has rca's buy a couple(2) of y adapters at radio shack for around 3 bucks each..put the male input in the radio and the two female outputs one two each amp...just ask the salesman at your dealer or radioshack/walmart for 2 rca y's better yet walmart/kmart or shack is alot cheaper than your mobile dealer trying to sell u some phoenix gold ones for around 10 bucks

tommy g
then with the female outputs go from the y u then put 4 rca wires going from the y adaptors near the radio going to your amp

your amp I=rca cables 4
I I II of them

I I II y=y adaptors 2
y y of them
your radio

tommy g
damn i made u a map/skematic but it didnt come out right when i posted koolaid...dont read after i put your ampI=rcas u might get confused read the top part only

hey guys, i have two mtx subs at 200 watt rms and i am wondering what typ of amp i should bye? should it only be a two channel amp if i only want to power the subs? Also what is a good amp installation kit, that would have everything needed to hook this stuff up wiht?
thanks alot

hi, i got three subs two 400's and one 600 should i get a 4 channel amp and use 2 channels and fpr the 400's and brigde the third and forth channel for the othe 600 sub!!!

I have an amp that I am installing, and my factory wiring for my stereo has no lead for the remote lead from the amp. Where can I hook this lead so it will work properly.

is legacy as crappy as pyle or pyramid for amps?

I have a pioneer stereo and a lightning bult amp with two 10" subs. I can not figure out how to turn on the amp from my stereo. if anyone is out there that can help me please tell me how to turn it on. or have another way of turning on the amp.

350watt splx 4 channel amp for sale, less than a month old with box instruction spare fuse and fitting screws

How can i get the best out of an amp...? how do you get the 4-2- OHMS? how do you calibrate this? in one of ur answers you said that .. the voice coil sometime s come s loose and is easy to fix.?? how do you fix this? ?? thank you.

Message to Dan,
I read in your post that you were going to use a powerport (Car Lighter Socket) for your amp? I Would NOT recommenc that. The Power port is probably rated for 10 to 15 Amps. Your amp is probably rated much higher 30 to 100 Amps.

Ok i have three tens running in my 92 fire bird w/ a rockford fosgate 600watt output i also have a mtx 200 watt im looking to hook up both amps , one to the single 10' mtx and the 600 watt to the two pioneers but the problem is i dont know how to hook up two amps do i use the same remote wire and what about the rc jack ?? any advice anyone could give me is greatly appriciated.

yes, you can use the same remote wire, you will just have to splice it into 2. with the RCAs, you can get a splitter, so that you can use the same set of RCA cables also.

Are cuspid extreme 12" subs and 1600 watt cuspid extreme amps any good.

I am planning on adding a 350W SPLX amp to my infinity kappa 6x9's and an 800W SPLX amp to my pioneer Sub, i have inquired about the RMS ratings on both these amps and i'm awaiting a response, my ? is,will these amps be too much for my battery and shud i buy a capactitor?? ne help wud be much appreciated! cheers

To connect two amps, use the same remote wire for two amps and use a "Y" rca splitter cable to hook up the two amps. Hope this helps!

hey i have 2 sony xplode 12" subs(200 watt RMS each) and was looking to see what amp i should hook them up with. i was about to buy a soundstorm amp - F500.2. this 2 channel amp has 1000 watts peak power and 200 watts RMS/ch. how well will these subs and amps work together? thanks

James Martinez
I got 2 Cuspid am-4310 1600 watt amps and 4 12 inch (600watt) cuspid subs. What would be the best way to hook these up for the maximum amount of bass? cause i got really good highs, and i got a pretty big trunk. any suggestions would be helpful.thnx

James Martinez
Hey it me again, how much do you think a cuspid am-4310 1600 watt amp can sell for?

hey james. don't expect too much for those amps because cuspid is well known for poor quality. they highly over rate their watts and aren't very reliable. that's why you can sometimes see them for less than $50 on ebay.
people: them for the price
2.realize they're crap
3.regret buying them
4.sell them to some other person
5.then the cycle repeats itself.

hey'teflondog can you give advice on hooking my 800w jensen amp all i need help on is the rca hook up on rca hook ups is red and black on reciver and amp is red and white

just hook the reds up to each other. then hook up the black to the white. as long as reds go to each other, it doesn't matter what color the amp or receiver hook ups are.

i have three 13.5 inch jl w7, and three orion 1000w rms amps. im already running two alternators and two batteries, would you suggest adding a cap, if so how many?

lol. if you have two alternators and two batteries, a cap is not necessary. nice setup by the way. u have three jl w7's...i understand why you call yourself little rich kid.

little rich kid
i know, i just love to go to the strip and make the people with like twelve subs look stupid. thats the reason i do it. i dont even like the bass top much

Little Rich Kid, I don't know why in the world you would run two alternators in the first place, because your car's electrical system can only handle so many amps of charging current before you burn out fusible links, smoke wires, start big fires. Besides it's not possible to run two alternators on one circuit at once. Because you will burn up the voltage regulators in the alternators and burn up all kinds of stuff. I would recommend just a 60 to 100 amp alternator, A deep cycle battery and a 1.0 Farad Cap.

hey i have an 800 watt cantus comp. amp and two orion 12's in a box i'm having trouble getting power to the amp and getting it to turn on i know for a fact that the power wire is hooked up correctly and i was wondering if it could be the remote wire or something else? if anyone can help me please do.

it's the remote wire for sure if it's not the power wire.

teflongdog can i hook the remote wire off my amp to the power antena wire off my jensen cassete reciver

yes. that's actually the most common way to hook up the remote wire.

teflondog can i use a piece of 24 gauge speaker wire for a groung because that's all i got at the time for my 300w jensen amp

24 gauge would be rather small. i really don't recommend it. the rule of the book is: for the ground, always use the same (or larger) gauge wire as the power cable. i think 8 gauge would be the smallest in that case.

teflondog i hooked my 300w jensen amp and all i get is loud music but no bass how can i set it up with alot of bass

u guys seem to know ur stuff.

i've got an unbranded 100w-2ch 200w-1ch (rms) amp feeding 2 pairs of pro audio 400w (rms) 6x9s on the back. this setup for me is fine but when i try to add a second amp feeding a 285w (rms) sub to the equasion the sub makes no noise its not the lead from the head unit (which is one of the older sony md heads) as this works when plugged into my other amp, the amp is fed straight from the battery using an inline fuse and earthed to the floor of the trunk using a bolt. the remote line is the same as is powering my first amp. the power light lights up but no sound comes from the amp. i tryed switching the amps over and it proved the second amp works but niether of them will power the sub. i have checked the bridging using both amps and one of the 6x9s and id gave an output so i know nothing has been wired wrong.

any ideas.

hey anonymous, use the low pass filter on the amp and set the crossover to about 80 hz. that should give you some bass.

hey johnny, make sure the rca wires are connected properly to the second amp. since you say the amp lights up then the power, ground, and remote wire are the not cause of the problem. it's not getting any signal from the head unit so check to see if the rca wires are good.

tefiondog i don't have a crossover on my amp but could i cross the speaker wires on the amp will that give me more bass or not

hey teflondog,what do i do if i can't get the ground to make a good connection anywhere
i've scratched off several places in my trunk of paint so i could get a bare medal connection but still nothing and i know there is power going to it because i can ark the power wire and get sparks i juss can't seem no matter what i do to get a good ground.please help me i'm going mad.thanks

does anyone know where i can find cantus listings on the net i can't seem to find cantus online anywhere no matter how i search for it

david, try using one of the screws in the trunk. most cars have a bolt on the latch that keeps the trunk lid locked. just loosen up this bolt and shove the ground wire here and tighten it up. it's not perfect but it will do in most cases if you're desperate.

anonymous, what do you mean by crossing speaker wires on the amp? a crossover is an electronic device that filters all the high frequencies out so you only hear the low frequencies. if your amp doesn't have one built in, you can buy a cheap one for less than $30.

cheaked the rca's with the working amp and i get output ive had several people completely perplexed by this. everything works but not together.

i got a sony xplode amp connected to my sub, howerer just recently the amp cut out and keeps comming up with an over current light, havent changed anything settings wise and the fuse is still all good? any ideas on the problem and how to fix it?

johnny, i think the reason you can't make both amps work at the same time is because the signal to them is not strong enough. by splitting the signal to go to both amps, it makes it weaker. personally, i'd get it checked out by a pro and he could recommend several solutions.

cj, your main problem is that you have a sony xplod amp. every person that buys one in my store always comes back within the next two weeks with problems. xplod isn't very reliable.

teflondog, would running my pionner,400 rms sub on a Vibe VP4 450 rms amp damage my sub in the long run??

hey ross, the vp4 won't damage your sub. but make sure you don't turn the volume on the amp to the max. i'd recommend setting the amp gain at about 70%.

I have a mtx 2300x im hooking up to 2 12" jl w3's. the amp is hooked also to a cdx-mp40 sony xplod deck. i have a problem. I am such a newb, and although i have basic wire hookup knowlege, i dont really know the exact way to properly hook up the amp to the speakers. Currently i have the amp bridged and have a set of wires from the bridge going to pos and neg of each speaker hookup. i get a lot of static though, and im hearing lyrics through the jl's, am i supposed to? i have the deck's rear speaker rca plug plugged into the amps audio in. My deck doesnt have a standard rca out for sub use only there are 3 rca plugs, one front, one rear and one bus in. what is the bus for? then on the farback side of the deck there is this weird plug thing and to the left of that is a .5mm jack for something, i lost my deck manual (doh!)but on the bottom of the deck it shows a diagram and says the weird plug on the farback side is also a bus component. im not really sure what is going on but im kinda confused and need some direction, anyone familiar with these components please help me, im lost! thx

if you have lyrics coming through the subs, that's very bad for them. if the amp has a crossover, set it to the low pass filter at 70hz.

i have a question for somebody my 300w jensen amp is brigble how would i do that and will it give better performance

IM thinking of getting a pair of Alpine type R 12" subs and a Alpine v12 D class mrd-m500 amp do you think the combo will give me bang for my bucks

good setup hal. but you might want to run more watts to really push those subs to their potential. i'd recommend having 2 mrp-m350 amps. one amp per sub.

teflondog can you tell me how to bridge my 300w 2channe jensen amp

i answered your question in another thread that you posted. but i'll explain one more time. connect the amp's left channel + to the sub. then connect the amp's right channel - to the sub. the - on the left channel is not used. neither is the + of the right channel.

if ur amp is in the trunk try what i did, if u have a spare tire basket in the trunk drill a hole in it and u can connect it right to the chassis

my boyfriend hooked up a systm in my car, i also have asony xplode amp and as soon as we hooked it up it came up over current. I saw what teflon said, but does anyone have any suggestions. Is there an amp about same price range that we could exchange for? Or how do you fix the problem? Or where can i find the manual online anywhere? Please help!

little rich kid
the dual alternators i ran are perfectly fine. they way we set them up is that the original one powers the car, and the second charges a second battery specifically for the subs. this way if i run all the juice from my sub battery, my car will run perfect

Hi. I have 2 12" audiobahn 1251qs and my car doesn't have a mounting kit for a different cd player so i have to run everything off of my 6x9's. I also have a 1600 watt cuspid amp. I was wondering if you know who to hook them up so that i get the thump and how to make them sound good. thank you.

hey i was wanting to know how many watts for a amp do i need to push three 12s pleas email me if you can help me at thanks

where can i run the amp power cable through the firewall of a 2000 acura 3.5RL? there is no visible way to do it, and i'm not going to drill through.

I am in need of buying an amp. I have two sets of component speakers for front & back which get about 70 rms each. I have a two channel 200 watt amp now, can I get by with that or will I need a 4 channel amp? Also, where do you hook the little blue remote wire on the back of the head unit. thanks.

teflondog can you give me some advice on what kind of subs to buy that my 3oow jensen amp would push also i have a legacy3waycrossover and i like them to be at least 10's or 12's that i could push really good and are the 3way crossovers made by legacy any good or not thanks for the advice

Those amps just don't work... I should know I went through three on my setup before I switched to a kenwood. try one of those with the same specs as the sony. I have never had a problem with them and for the price you can't go wrong.

i have too alpine type VR sub's and thay are 1000 watts i dont know that the rms is does any one know ??.......... do i need a sealed box or ported box or one box per sub?? does it mater of the size of the box ?? there going in the boot of my holden gemini if you know could you please send me a e mail to
thanks a lot scott

Yesterday I was trying to hook-up a new amp and a set of kickers to my 99 eclipse but unfortunately I wasn't able to b-cuz I couldn't figure out which jack is for the rca and which is for the remote or which is for the ground line. Just so you know I still have the stock deck. If you can help me by any means, please do so and I kindly appreciate your help in advance. thank you.

i was also wondering about somethin along those lines. This is my first time hooking up a couple of MTX subs and 2 rockford forsgate amps. my brother got me all the necessary wires but he isn't around to help me out. i need to know general info about:
ground wire
speaker wire
RCA wires
the fuse and the holder thing
the remote turn on wires or whatever
and some other wire i don't quite know what it is
This would be very helpful. you can email me at with any suggestions. thank you

I have a Jensen 300 Watt amp and a kicker comp amp. how do i run it to my cd player. If it helps i have a 1990 Chevy s10 Blazer.

all im saying is EBAY!!

2 x 6"x9" 800watt pro audios speakers
1 x 350watt sub
1 x 1500watt SPLx amp
1 x SPLx wiring kit

Total = £90


Can any d class amps be link together if so how i have two lanzar 1200Ds and would like to link them to run 1 15 woffer help me youll my only hope.

Don't try it shawn.

Hey, teflondog, wat is ur opinion on the Alpine V12 expert amp (300 RMS), i bought one off ebay but haven't had chance to try it out yet and as i'm an amateur, i don't really know much about this amp! Also, if i use this amp to power my pioneer TS-W305C (400 RMS) sub then will it be underpowered or damage the sub??? ne help wud be appreciated, cheers!

Hey guys I have a 66 chevy with 2 customize boxes I built. Now everything is connected but for some reason my amp doesnt want to turn on. It was on the other day when I was listening to my stereo but not anymore. What do you guys think the solution could be?

Sal, have you checked to make sure that the amp is still getting power? Good ground? Anything?

Technicly you can strap two amps that wheren't designed to be strapped but you have to invert the phase of one input and you need an external circuite to do it.

"Technicly you can strap two amps that wheren't designed to be strapped but you have to invert the phase of one input and you need an external circuite to do it"

-Anonymous with head up butt and no clue.

In his own illiterate way he is half right.I have bridged two mono amps that were'nt designed to be bridged.I used an Audiobahn AHCBRM bridging module.The only thing the module does is invert the phase of one of the outputs.

Yo chris i got a question .... i got a lighning audio 750 watt mono amp.. i hooked up everything and the amp is getting power from the 12v supply but the power light ant coming on what do i need to plug into the REM jack? i no i need a basic wire to run to it but when i wire it into the jack were i go from the amp? what i mean is that when i take the basic wire and plug it into the jack on the amp were does it hook up from there? does it go to the batery or behind my pioneer cd player? if you coulc help me it would be great thanks man

I have a boss amp and I was testing it out with a deep cycle battery. When I have the remote wire hooked up, the power light comes on (I have it grounded) But when I add the main power, the amp will play for a second and then the protection light comes on. It does this with or without speakers hooked to it. Does the amp have a problem or is it the way I am hooking it up? If the amp has a problem, would it be an easy fix??
Any help would be appreciated. It's a 200w x 4 and I was using 12 guage wire.

Ken were did you hook your REm wire to?


you need an 18 gauge wire that's hooked up to your REM from the amp to your remote antenna (blue wire with white stripe)... this controls the amp to turn on and off when you turn on and off your head unit...


try using a test light to test your wires... i had the same problem before and my red wire (power wire) isnt getting enough power... try fixing your ground first and if it still on protection, try changing your in line fuse that's on the red wire... it may be parially blown... that's what happened to me...

Ken M
I was hooking both the power side and the remote side to the + side of the battery for testing inside, And I had the ground hooked to the - side.
I was using 12 guage for all three. It's not in the car yet, I wanted to see if it would work. Maybe going straight to the battery for a ground isn't good enough but I'm new at this. There is not an in-line fuse but the fuses on the amp are good. Any suggestions??

The voltage of the battery is to low. Most amps go into protection somewhere between 10-11 volts.

Also,an easy way to turn the amp on is to just jump a wire from the + of the battery the remote terminal.


you must put an in line fuse on your red (power) wire, it prevents your system from short circuit... i suggest you buy a wiring kit for your amp... it has everything and step by step installation...

hey im 14 and i got a 1993 dodge dakota passed down to me and in it i got a legacy la 290 amp its rated at 400 wats its 4 channel and its wired nice plays nice i didit all my self it has two cheap pyramid subs(ye WOOFERS ) that are 360 wattas each (max rms is prob 50) and two pioneer 6.5 sitting at 150 each rms at 50

i wannna put a 1600 watt cuspid am 5130 (or something i dono the name) and one"12 in EARTH SHAKER GROUND POUNDING SUBWOOFER (ithink its a american pro) pc of crud but im only 14 VERY LIL MONEY. i wanna bridege that sub and run my two woofers to the other channels i was wondering if ittl be a good system especialy for soem one my age who cant drive yet? alright thanks everybody

That sub is 1200 watts

hey ken

my old amp had some of the same problems try getting a 8g power wire a new inline fuse dont hook up the ground to the neg of the battery just screww it into the car body or something(it works!) if none works get a real nice wiring kit a good one for like 40 bucks if that dont work DO WAT I DID buy a new amp i bought a 400 watt 4 channel but im not happy with it but soemthing new nice and loud (name brands have better sound)

so in other words moses the wire behind my pioneer cd player that is blue and white will hook up to my 18 gauge wire that goes directly to the amp?

Moses i bought a rockfordfosgate amp power kit with signal and speaker cable and i still need to hook the REM up like you said to the blue and white wire. whats a 18 gauge wire? is that a small wire? it came with a small wire that i never used to hook up anything and thats all that is left so i guess thats it? how do you tell what a 18 gauge wire is?

It doesnt HAVE to be 18 guage wire. The remote turn on draws less than 50ma of current. Any piece of wire that you have will work.

YES JACOB, you need to hook that up... by the way did u install ur inline fuse yet? just tell me if ur amp is working or not...

You can tell what is 18 Gauge wire by comparing it to ur small peni*s and if its the same size then thats the right one.

Thank you Yomaz, for clearing that up for him.

how do i bridge my 4ch 600w jenson amp with 2 soney xplod 12 s

use the positive from one channel and the negative from the other channel.

how do you wire a splx 150w amp to my car i need to know where rem goes and then i am done cheers

rem wire goes to the remote wire or power antenna wire on your head unit.
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