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Ok well I was browsing around in an audio store and got to thinkin about how am I gunna power 2 amps with only 1 power/ground cable(s), so I looked around and found power disrupters and seince I got a 4 gauge power/ground how about I take a power disrupter and have (2)8 gauge wires to each amp(seince its a 4AWG input and (4)8AWG output), well the amps take Up to a 4AWG so 2 4's would b the same size wouldnt it? but I was also thinkin about grounding it the same way sience I dint really wanna go under my seat(again) and rip up the cable and put 2 new cables under there, But I rember you guys talking about burning up ground wires couse they too small... so what would happen IF I did do the 4AWG(power) into a disrupter and put 2(8AWG) cables per amp and 2(8AWG) cables from the amp to a disrupter to my already installed 4AWG(ground) cable?

now Im sorry for this for beening a little long but some ppl just dont have an imagination so i got to spell it out for em, but really whould this work? if not pls xplain why it woudnt

P.S. Im lazy on upgrading and I want to do less work without having BestBuy do it and screwup (have in the past; retards dint know that if the seat gos down, the cabling will come off. worset $65 everspent.)

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yes that will work. I sugest getting a distrabution block that goes from a 4 guage input to a dual 4 guage output. However if you can't find one, that set up will work fine. Just try to keep the 8 guage wires as short as possiable. Most of the stereos I do have the same setup you are talking about. Just remember electricity flows around the outside of a wire, so the more surface area you have the less resistance for the current to flow thru.
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