Van Gogh soundstream amplifier


Hi, I planned on buying a Van Gogh 1600.2 400wx2 on the 4 ohm. Do you think it's a good amplifier for two titanium phoenix gold subwoofer(500RMS)? I want quality and power, for the moment I have a kicker zr-1000. What do you recommand me?

Thanks and too I heard a lot about eclipse woofers, what is the best aluminium eclipse or titanium phoenix gold woofer??

Hi sam that amplifier is one of the best amps to get and It will put out at least 500wx2 @ 4 ohms so I'd definitely go for it u must have alot of money to spend lol.Are u gonna sell ur kicker amp If so plz let me know I think the Eclipse subs are better cuz of the Sound Quality from them

Yeah but now I'm looking for a Tarentula 1600.2 it is better than the Van Gogh 1600.2 do you think? It is just higer price because it is chromed? lol..

Sam I dont really see the Difference in the 2 amps besides the Tarantula has better SQ but the extra cost is because of the chrome.

Hi again, does the subs eclipse aluminium sound good?. I heard one time sub Hpo 12" memphis and it was really good, does eclipse beat that you think?

Have a nice day people here!!

Hi people here, I wanna buy the Tarantula for my amplifier but do you think it will drive my subs if I take eclipse Titanium or I should go with aluminium eclipse. Titanium need 750 rms each sub and aluminium 500 each.

Thanks for your answer car audio!!

People e-mail me if you can help me to configurate my system to have the best spl!!
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