15" FI BL or 18"? Or does it matter?


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I'm asking if it matters for my individual setup. I assume that it pushes more air because it's bigger but is there a certain amount of area you should have in front of the port on your enclosure for either size sub? If I get the 15" my enclosure will be 18"H x 34"W x 20 3/8"D , 48 sq. in. port area , 4 cu. ft. net volume. If I get the 18" my enclosure will be 21"H x 36"W x 21" D , 66.5 sq. in. port area , 5 cu. ft. net volume.

Either way I will only have 2" to 2 1/2" of free space in front of the port on either size enclosure. So does it matter which size I get? Or should I even be doing this at all? My trunk is only 23 1/4" Deep.

Will I be wasting the potential of these subs with only 2 inches of free space in front of either enclosure?

While I have your attention I need to know if I will have to upgrade my 135 amp alternator and big 3 in order to run 1500-1800 watts through the 1800w Amplifier I have in my '97 Grand Marquis?

Thank you :]

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Should I go with a smaller box no matter which size sub I choose? For my particular trunk.

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to be honest i think if u went with 2 12's and made a tuned box, it would be louder then either of those setups. and for your electrical u should be fine, big 3 isnt that big of a gain, its more overhyped then anything. do 2 runs of 0 awg or even 4 awg and that should be more then plenty, if your worried about your lights dimming then add an extra battery in the trunk.

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Sounds good man thanks for the input! I'd go with the 12's but I already ordered the 15" lol. It'll be nice though. I'm gonna hook it all up once I find a good box and see how everything goes and if my lights dim i'll just grab an extra battery then.
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