Sony cd player works but no sound at all..


Josh Gaines
Ok i got a sony cd player and the wireing harness and everything hooked up fine and it iluminates and works fine. But there is no sound to any of the speakers for the radio or the cd player. Other than that everything works. And i hooked the old radio back up to make sure it wasn't a fuse somewhere and it worked fine like before. Whats the problem? If it helps its a 97 mustang 3.8l, not sure what model cd player just a sony, not a flip face or anything real fancy. Any help is greatly apperciated. Thank you for your time.


Looks like your cd player is busted in the inside.

Happeneded to me today. Reconnect the speaker wires - unplug and plug it back in, and double check that negative and positive is right -Although it can still play if its the other way round, but it's best to get it right.

Make sure that your wiring harness is making good connction. Check it at the plug and where you stripped the wires.
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