What amp do I need?


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just got a JL Audio W7 to go in my Dodge Charger. The dude at the store said it handles 750 watts rms, which I already know. He then of course suggested that I buy their JL audio 750 watt amp for about 500 bucks, to which I told him to eat a dick. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Everyone on here has helped me a lot thus far in my quest to create my perfect system and I really appreciate it.

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I believe those subs are 3 ohm impedance so if you don't want to pay for JL the following is a very well respected amp:

It will deliver about 750 W at 3 ohm and is not as expensive.

When you think about which and how many speakers you will be upgrading I could advice an amp for those.

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yup that's the amp I'd have recommended too.
You won't get better for less, really.

If you're feeling especially cheap though, the Hifonics Brutus might do the trick too, and it's cheaper.. just sayin'

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im selling a jl audio 500/1 225 plus shipping... it runs 2 12w6 rated for 500 rms each and this thing beats them to the punch.. it will match pretty good to your sub even if its half its rated power..

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a 750 for $500??? thats actually not a bad deal for

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The 750/1 for $500 is actually a fair price to pay. But the price difference between the one I suggested and the JL can be put into better use.

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the thing with that JL amp is that if you add a second sub, you're splitting the power between the two, so you'd in effect, be getting the same power to two subs combined, as you were to one sub, so only gaining +3dB.
With the AQ amp, you'd get the full power to each sub, doubling the total combined power.

This is why I dislike the JL slash series regulated output stage.
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