Orion 250 hcca amp & 12inch Alpine Type R subs, Please Help


Hello fellas, im hooking up my orion hcca 250 amp to some 12 inch r type subs in a sealed box, But the delima is this, Im not sure what is the best way to set this up. Right now i have it set up like this, and please tell me if this setting is right or wrong for me. Even though the subs are doul voice coil i only use one set of the positives and negetive on each sub, then ran them parelell to drop the amp to 2 ohms and drop it in a honda civic ex. the guy i bought them from had them in a blazer and it sounded awsome, well in my car they sound ok but not like i thought they would. am i doing something wrong? my deck is an rf mp3 deck. also far as the amp speaker wires, which is positive and which is the negetive? the solid colored one or the one that's all black with a streek of color in it? Also what is the best ohm setting for this application? You can also e-mail me any links/info to help me in this matter.. Thanx in advance dee

How many RMS are thoser r12's rated, and thier ohms? and the amp? What can it produce?
4 channel ?
2 channel ?
bridge able?

How many watts etc?

All this info will be based on how to hook your system up.


Use both coils no matter what you do!!!

Oh jeez!

Delano, you really should use both voice coils. That Orion HCCA is a super amp (HCCA stands for High Current Competition Amp) so it should handle a 2-ohm mono load no problem...2-ohm stereo is super safe with these.

I'm assuming that your subs each have dual 4-ohm voice coils. This makes it really easy to run your amp in 2-ohm stereo mode.

Do this to each individual sub (don't wire the subs together):
-wire the positives together (use at least 12-ga wire)
-wire the negatives together (use at least 12-ga wire)

Now each sub is a single 2-ohm load. Just wire each sub to an output on the amp and rock!

Thanx fellas, That I will do..

i have a orion hcca 250 brand new i bought it thinking i would use it but with the set up i have in my car i dont want to change a thing anyone interested can e mail me

that amp should handle a 1 ohm mono load... mine does , take the 2 subs wire them for 2 ohms each, then wire them to for a final ,load of 1 ohm . and they will pound
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