I recently bought a new Audiobahn high voltage amp. It's a a2200hct if any one cares. With that im powering two infinity kappa perfect 10 dvq's at 2 ohm loads, they have 400w rms and 1600w peak. At 2 ohms the amp provides 400w of rms power per channel. The amp comes with a bass boost control that also indicates clipping. At loud volumes the boost control indicates that the amp is clipping, but i know that i should be able to turn it up louder. My question is how bad really is this clipping for my speakers, and how can i maybe set my eq's so i can get more volume with out clipping

best thing 2 do about clipping is buy a capacitor cuz clipping eventually blows subs aftre a period of time cuz i did that myself so get a cap that will hold ur amp ull prolly need a 2 farad cap cuz each farad is 1000 watts if u didnt know well thats the only thing i can tell u

try tuning your amp and cd player again but set the hz down little by little and turn your amp up little by little to see if there is a difference on how high you can turn everything up

if those infinity perfects aren't broken in yet, that's probably the reason why you're getting clipping. i've noticed this with the perfect subs. they take about 15-20 hours of moderate volume to break in. turning the gain up too high while they're still brand new could break their tinsel leads and voice coils. the spider may also separate from the cone if you blast it. my store has done many returns because of people who try to bump it as soon as they get it. give them time to break in. if this isn't the problem, i'm assuming your head unit isn't providing the proper voltage to your amp via the rca plugs. in that case, i would invest in an equalizer.
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