Does anybody have clue?


My friend and I have the same set up in our cars. The only difference is, the amp & the wiring that I have used to hook it up. We both have 2 10 inch MTX. I was looking for the same sound, when I was hooking mine up. Heres where the problem comes in: I 1st hooked mine up to a 200 watt amp...just hoping to get close to what he has, it wasn't even close. Then just to see what was wrong I hooked up my 800 watt amp. But it didn't make much of a difference, more or less sounded the same. Neither one of the hookups were close to his 250 watt amp, can someone help me out here?

do you have the same cars, too? Not all cars are the same, sonically speaking. are the speakers set up in the same manner? Are the crossovers rpoperly calibrated?

Our cars are pretty much the same except I have a 96 and he has a 93, both are Grand Prix. And about the crossovers: I have no idea, this is all new to me.
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