Need help here!!!!


hello all this is my first time hooking up a amp i have hooked one up before but it was a lot diff than the one i have now ok heres my problem.
i have a jdx 800 watt 4 channel amp, and also 2 12inch lanzar 1000 watts each. ok on the amp it says 12 volt negative groung i know where the red power wire goes and i now where the remote wire goes i am not sure about the 12v neg groung? do i run 2 wires of the neg? one to a ground and one to the battery ? i bought a 1000 watt 10 gauge amp kit but i only have a 3 foot black ground wire how do i go about getting this to the battery?

The ground wire does not go to the battery. Plug one end to the amp, and the other end bolt to some metal part in the trunk or where ever u have you amp.
The easiest way is by finding a screw already there and removing it, putting wire around the screw and put it back.
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