Low and High Pass Filters


How does adjusting the low and high pass filters on the amp determine how loud the subwoofers will be? What is the purpose of the the low pass filter? What is the purpose of the high pass filter?

did u ever get an answer to this??? i'm curious to know the same.

Somebody has to know the answer to this question.

put the high all the way down and low all the way up for the loudest bass

adam hutsell
hey guys the low pass filter filters out the higher sound frequencies, (put low pass on when running a sub), high pass are used for speakers to keep out the low frequencies that u want to go the subs (switch to high pass if u r runnin speakers). There yall go, any questions than just keep postin. P.s. just finally got my two 10 inch audiobahns, 1300 watt rms amp, and new audiobahn capacitor installed today. Whehhh finally done

Heres an easier interpretation. If you have a component that supports different speakers (like a subwoofer),the high pass filter lets the high end of the music (the treble and most mid range sound) "pass" without being picked up through that certain component. A decent subwoofer should not recieve any frequencies above 40 megahertz, or else the sound is too "boomy". Set your high pass so that you get a tight, accurate bass response. The low pass filter is the exact reverse. Its there so no bass goes to your tweeters and blows them up. My references are made toward home stereo and car audio high and low pass filters, AKA crossovers to the car audio industry, but the principle apllies to all filters. In laymans terms, a high or low pass filter just makes sure that the right frequencies are going to the correct peripherals, otherwise your equipment would sound terrible.

hey jeff, you got your facts reversed. the high pass filter allows only the high frequencies through. the low pass filter allows only the low frequencies through. so if you're using a sub, you should switch to low pass.

Howdy All,
Teflondog is correct.

Without filters, your speakers and subs will recieve all the frequencies produced by your deck. For better sound quality, it is good to "filter out" those frequencies you don't need at that speaker.

"Filters" BLOCK frequencies. A hi-pass filter will block all frequencies BELOW where you set it. (This is good for tweeters). A low-pass filter will block all frequencies ABOVE where you set it. (This is good for Subwoofers.)

This is repetitive, but the same answer reiterated 10 times can only help ...right?
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