Need suggestions for a low price amp.


I need a 4 channel amp. I won't be powering any special speakers or subs. just stock stereo stuff here. I just would like to know what is a good amp, if i'm not going for competition or anything like that. just quality sound and under 150 bucks.

lightning? virtual reality? these are both available at my local wal mart for less than 100. any suggestions appricated.

Both of those brands suck. Spend just a little bit more and get a Alpine amp from like circuit city for $200. If you really dont want to spend that much just try the crap from walmart.

hey thanks for the help, I decided to buy the crap from walmart. Really thanks again. Super help.

Don,t loose your cool Us acoustics is what you are looking for.The amps are better than a lot of
big brand if you buy one you will buy another.
your not looking for the best amp but for the money the soundQ you will get what you are looking for and more.Trust me on this.This is the amp for you.

Thank You BIG TYME,
I looked into those amps and they seem to be very well respected by their users. I appreciate the tip. I'm gonna take back the crap to walmart and pick up an US acoustics this week.

Dang guys, why do you have to send him off to spend a lot on something he doesn't need? Did you not see that he's just looking to power factory type stuff? He doesn't need Alpine or Alphasonik, we all know they are high quality but not everyone needs or even wants that stuff.

Welthga, anytime anyone on here says this or that sucks just ignore everything else that person says from then on.

I have about $4k worth of top-notch amps and drivers in my closet and I have a $75 walmart amp in my car. I replaced the radio in my work car with a new one that requires an outside amp and I didn't want much...just something to hear the radio on my way to work. It works fine, won't win any competetions but it works great.

Besides, it's MUCH easier to return this stuff at walmart than an electronics retailer...did anyone consider that he's probably doing this himself?

Get a Lightning or a Pioneer or a Jensen...anything that you like and fits your budget. You'll be really glad you bought at walmart if the install goes bad and it doesn't work right.

Ignore the haterz, they have one-track minds and if your stuff isn't exactly like theirs it must suck and sometimes even when you have the exact same stuff it still sucks because it's not their stuff.
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