No sound - Fried amp?


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I have yet to check all my wires and see if anything came loose, but here's what is going on...

3 hours into my trip back home my sub stopped producing a sound. I shut off the amp, turned it back on, heard a little popping coming through the sub for maybe 1/2 second, then no sound. The amp is getting power because I can hear it click like they do after it boots up and is ready to let sound pass through. I set the gain properly with a DMM when I installed the system, I haven't had any issues with this system til now.

I'm going to check my grounds and other wires when I get a moment away from work, Any ideas what else I can check?

By the way: I was listening to non-bass intensive songs most of the trip at a lower volume than I normally do - So I doubt there was an overheating issue.

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thats what happened with my memphis amp i fried a diod i think they are called hopefully you did 2 only saying that because if u can find a decent tech they can fix it :-) the problem i was having at first the amp would power the subs untill a cirten volume then it would turn off or for about 3-4 secounds not being verry loud at all
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