I cant figure out how to pull my system off


Okay here is my situation. I have a 97' Isuzu trooper. Right now i got factory front and back. I have a fairly new kenwood deck. 2 12" mobile authority subs in a bandpass box. Powered by an american pro 800x2 amp. Now i'v got some money and want to do the whole thing over. I want t.v in the front possibly headrests. front and back speakers possibly infinity components trying to use american pro amp for rear speakers. I like kenwood decks had em in my last 3 cars upgrage every 1 1/2 years. But i need dvd capability but i hear decks with screens already in them motors burn out(problem). My biggest problem is my amp/sub setup i was thinking 4 kicker s12l7 but i dont think i will have the power to push it correctly. So what about 2 with strong amp(s) my concern is having a banging quality system. Oh and if you can figure a way for 3 or 4 s12l7's let me know. Oh yea help with the cap too. If I can I like to use my old equipment if possible like the american pro for the rear but if it is cheaper and more sound effective for a 4 ch amp tell me. Thanks in advance.

don't get 4 L7's unless you want to blow your eardrums out. just a pair alone is enough to shake the ground. if you don't have an amp strong enough to push these, then get the L5's. i got a pair of L5's with only 300 watts going to each one and i'm able to set off all the car alarms in the parking lot. about the dvd players with built in motorized screens; i've had a clarion active black panel for about 2 years with no problems yet. clarion and blaupunkt make pretty good ones. all my customers are happy with theirs. i'm not sure about other brands though.
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