Alternator noise


I'm running an Alpine amp to a set of SPX-137A's. When I start the engine I'm getting a fairly loud whine and clicking sound. Is there a good way to get rid of this short of putting a noise filter on the power and groung lines. I've been out of this stuff since about '93 adn that's how I solved the problem in a pickup I had then but I tried that noise filter and it didn't correct this problem, I'll buy a new one if it'll correct it. TIA for the help,


if it's pretty loud it may be that the RCA's are too close to a power line somewhere. I found a whine when the RCA's were in a bundle with some factory wires and one of them was going to a high-demand fuel pump.

It could also be as simple as a ground you have a wire connecting the amp and radio chassis' directly?

I figure you've already been through the common stuff and ruled it out.

Jim Strong
Check all your grounds. Make sure the Remote turn on wire is routed at least 10 inches from ANY other signal wire to include the speaker wires. If you have a high power amp make sure the speaker wires are routed away from the RCA cable too. The best way to achieve a noise free system is to gut the interior and pull up the carpet. Once you have a bare floor run your wires all seperate. Tape them to the floorboard with about 10 inches seperating them. Even better is to put dynamat over them.
Keep your ground wire as short as possible (within reason) and try to keep them under 18". If you run a large ground wire to the smaller accesories it helps too. I use 8 or 10 guage wire for all signal processors and the head unit.
This may sound like alot of extra work but trust me it is well worth it in the end. It is not as bad as it sounds either. Take some pictures too, makes for a nice display at a sound off. The little things and attention to detail is what makes a decent system into a great system.
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