Hooking up my amp


Jon Tremonte
hey guys,
i just came into owning the old family minivan, and i'm in the process of pimping it out.
i bought a sony xplod 1000 watt amp and two sony xplod 10 inch woofers with a 300 watt rms and 1100 watt peak.... this was a recomended setup from the guys at crutchfields, i stopped in their store in harrisonburg, va.
i bought it all on ebay....and i bought a wiring 'kit' too...but it was basically a box full of wires and plugs...which i have no idea what to do with....any websites out there or can you guys help me out?

here's the kit:

i hope i didnt get ripped on that....i might just go buy one at best buy instead...

much appreciated


correction on my amp...its 1000watt max its a two channel that puts i think 330*2 max and like 200*2 rms....is htat a good amp to get?...crutchfields seemed to think so

crutchfeld will say anything to get you to buy their products. rule of thumb: sony xplod sucks. xplod will only satisfy you if you're not very picky about your sound.

Dominic L.
yah I agree, I would only use a sony xplod head unit because I like the quality of the head unit..but not the speakers nor the amp..was at best buy..2 much distortion in the speakers they were displaying :\

car man
please help me out!!!....how do i go about hooking up my front door speakers as well as my 2 rear speakers to my amp? is it as hard as it sounds?...i already have an amp for my woofer hooked up to my battery...will my 2nd amp need to be connected to the car battery as well?

how do i program preset radio stations with out using a remote?
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