New battery or alternator?


i just put in a 1000 watt system in my car. it's a 1000 watts rms by the way. i can't afford to buy both a new battery and alternator so i'm planning to get one at a time. should i get a stronger battery first or a stronger alternator? many people tell me to go for the battery first because even a good alternator won't help if i have a crappy stock battery.

ummmmm, who are these idiots that are telling you this? the alternator is the heart of your charging system and will make or break everything. go for the alternator first, but if you do get a new battery, i'd recommend an optima yellow top or red top. what kind of car do you have right now, and what size alternator is in it?

I would get an alternator first. If you do get a new battery I would not get an optima. They won't keep a decent charge and ussally develop shorts

maybe you should really think about getting at least one 1.0 Farad Capacitor. It will cost less and give you the results you need for your system. The capacitor will draw a constant charge from your battery and store it for your base.

anonymous. ur an idiot. optimas develop shorts? no.....optima makes some of the best deep cycle high CCA batteries on the market today. wont keep a decent charge? how about they are one of the only batteries you can drain all the way to nothing and recharge them dumb*ss
the battery upgrade will relinquish the need for a cap. a cap is, in essence a waste of money most of the time as you never NEED a cap.

dont listen to a guy try to give you advice on your system when he cant even spell bass right.

i have a diesel benz and the battery is really big. im getting a 1000 watt kenwood amp and im wondering will it do anything.

Ive been looking around for about 20 minutes and cant find a decent site that sells/talks about alternators, any places you all know of that are good?

Stuart, call your local auto parts retailer (Auto Zone/NAPA/O'Rileys/etc) and ask them if they sell remanufactured alternators for your car. Then ask them the amp-rating and if there is more than one option. Chances are that they will offer a cheap version and a 'high-output' version but make sure they define 'high output' to be something in excess of 100amps.

Look in the phone book for electric motor repair shops near you. Call and ask if they can rewind your alternator for higher output (you want about 150amps to be safe if possible, over 100 for sure.)

Sometimes you just have to get off the internet and do things the old fashioned way...
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