Looks like im no longer needed


looks like im no longer needed here, we got another EE here that seems to have more time for this type of thing(moto) and teflon seems to pick up the rest of the Q&A so i'll go back to my usual 2 forums.

if you would like my help on future issues email me at dli1314@comcast.net

visit the forum where i am one of the Mods:


my other forum:

if you want questions answered by a bunch of professionals that have been in this business for a long time, go to those 2 forums. the first one i like the best because there is not really any flaming at all on the site. the 2nd however can be like termpro at times and get way out of hand in the name calling and flaming and such allthough it is still a great place to get information most of the time.

good luck everyone
i was glad to provide my services while i was needed.

if u still want my help just use one of the above methods and contact me :)

hey derek. you've helped a lot of people on this forum and i'm sure everyone appreciates it. take care and i'll check out those other forums. teflondog
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