Have I Wired My System Up Right


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Hi group i am new to this group so hope i have posted in the right place.
i am liveing in the united kingdom. i have an escort van dont know if you know this particular van being a uk van.
i have fitted the following system in to my van.

Head Unit = Alpine IDA-X001 this has full ipod controle. and also has an Alpine 6 disc changer connected.
this has front and rear rca outputs and also sub outputs

Amp one = caliber CA660 old school competition 6 channel amp 4 x 80w + 2 x 120w connected to this are 2 pair of pioneer 3 way speakers.
the two 120w output channels are bridged to power 1 x 12" phenix gold sub
this amp is connected to the front and rear ouputs of my head unit.

Amp two = Kenwood KAC-PS301T this is a two channel old school amp and has an output of 2 x 200w powering two 10" rockford fosgate subs.
this amp is run off the sub outputs direct of the head unit as the head unit has its own sub volume control.

i have a 4 gauge / AGW live power cable from my battery to a distribution block my two amps are powerd from this my power cap is also connected inline. my amps are earthed well i have a remote turn on from the head unit to turn on the amps and power capacitor...

do i need to run a second power capacitor for the second amp. my system sounds awsome. i have a few more small jobs to do and also i intend to purchace an Alpine DSP unit to compliment the system and in the summer i intend to replace the pioneer 3 way speakers for component speaker systems. then i will be re designing the entire install. to accomidate the new speakers.
if i can find out how to post photos of my install i will do so.

thanks; john

apart from my head unit changer and ipod.
all my system is new old stock all purchaced off yes ebay.

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yes, you've posted in the right place. It sounds to me like it's wired right. You shouldn't really need the cap because your amps arent that big.

Some people say that caps only work on bigger stuff, and some say they're no good at all.

In this situation, its really not necessary. the reason being is that you're pushing a little under 700 watts all together.

E.g 2 Competition amps. 1 1200watt and 1 1400 watt. in this situation, you would need a cap.

The 4 Ga wire is alright for no more watts than you have. If the amps were any larger, i'd reccamend 2Ga or even 0Ga. BIG WIRE! no second cap.

to post photos, below where you post, there should be a button that says upload image or attachment, click that.

Does this answer your queastion?

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before i got the Kenwood Amp i only had the caliber amp and when i turned up the power / volume the sound cut out. i was advised to use a power cap. so i got one and installed it and the sound cutting out when volume was turned up stoped problem was sorted by installing the cap.
my wife is out in my van right now so in the next few days i will post a photo or two

Thanks: john

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sounds good.
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