Sealed boxes?


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do sealed boxes hit lows well? what would you reccomend for my 18" Q

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i dont think anyone would outright recommend a sealed box over a low-tuned ported box.

most ppl do sealed cuz they are easier to build

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Username: M0nkeyman692

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ok cool. cause i was planning on doing 7cuft tuned to 28 for the Q.

but i was curious about the deal with sealed boxes. do they hit lows well tho?

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I would build a ported box and tune low. Maybe 28-30hz.

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Sealed enclosure's you really cannot define to well as to what they'll " hit at " given what the Fs of the sub is for the enclosure sealed volume for the output of the F3 frequency response.

It basically is what it is and can be tweaked depending on the volume already there and either adding polyfill to smooth out the bass or add displacement to reduce the volume to tighten up the bass response.

A port box tuned low per what was already said should given ya what your looking for from the lows and still provide a decent amount of output as well.
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