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Hi people!

I wonder if you could help me. Im trying to setup a car audio entertainment. I do not want a very loud sound, what I want is more on acoustic/jazzy type of sound and would like to hear the very specific and defined treble sound aswell as far as bass sound is concerned.

At the moment I have got a Sony MDX unit head. What are the kind of speakers that I should have and amplifier to get the quality of sound that I am looking for. Should I put a subwoofer for this setup?

In connection with this, I do not want to setup a very expensive accessories, average or above average would do. Thank you very much in advance

i would say just get a couple 6 x 9's and an 8 inch sub to bring out the "bass" and have the 6x9's set for treble and highs

Bass Thrust
Step 1, replace your stock speakers. you'll be amazed at how much better the sound. since you didn't post what vehicle you have, i don't know what size replacements. Anyhow, get good 2-way speakers, if possible get 2-way separates.
Step 2, add at least one subwoofer and amplifier. i recommend at least 10", since acoustic/jazz music tends to have very tight bass. a quality amp of at least 150 watts.
Step 3. Add a 4 channel amplifier to power your 2-ways.

Good luck.

you should not worry about 6x9" if you get a sub because you don't need both especially for jazz should should get some 6" or 4" splits in the front doors of your car depending which fits and even put in some mounts if possible, two tweeters set at around head level in the front for the best quality accustic sound and an amplifier 4channel...
Bridge two channels to your sub with positive amp to positive sub and positive amp to negative sub
and use the other two channels for your splits.
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