Sundown SD-1 10"


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Anyone have any experience with them, or know anything about them? Even what they compare to? Thanks guys

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Bump it up

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Check in the Sundown forums on SSA, best source for Sundown info.

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The subs are 400 rms and shallow mounting depth. I will have more info for you guys soon.


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The Sundown Audio SD-1 10"/12" subwoofer was made in the USA to some of the most exacting standards in the industry. The SD-1 is capable of producing great sounding bass in lower powered applications without breaking the bank. This woofer was designed with incredibly small enclosures and shallow mounting areas in mind.

# Non-conductive Kapton voice coil former for reduced eddy-currents and improved sound quality
# Chamfered pole vent for increased cooling
# Rigid polypropylene cone for long life in the harsh car environment
# Rear mounting gasket for an air tight seal
# Strong stamped steel basket
# Extremely shallow mounting depth of only 5 inches
# Single 8 ohm coil to easily match any Sundown Audio Amplifier; a pair works great with the SAX-100.2 and as many as eight can be ran from an SAZ-1500D with excellent results!

10" T/S Parameters:

RMS: 200 watts
Peak: 350 watts
Z: 8 ohms
Re: 6.93 ohms
Fs: 25 Hz
Qms: 8.8
Qes: 0.36
Qts: 0.34
VAS: 67 L
BL: 17.5 NA

0.5 ft^3 - 0.75 ft^3 sealed
1.00 - 1.25 ft^3 tuned to 30 -- 35 Hz ported

12" T/S Parameters:

RMS: 200 watts
Peak: 400 watts
Z: 8 ohms
Re: 7.03 ohms
Fs: 26 Hz
Qms: 10.83
Qes: 0.53
Qts: 0.51
VAS: 100 L
BL: 17.0 NA

0.75 ft^3 - 1.25 ft^3 sealed
1.75 - 2.25 ft^3 tuned to 30 -- 35 Hz ported

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Above is SD-1 v1,

here is SD-1 v2:


These subs will throw down in very small enclosures and will now handle much more power than the original SD-1. Ideal for shallow truck enclosures! They utilize a single 6" diameter magnet slug to achieve the necessary flux. Behind the cone you will find a progressive roll spider and a special treatment applied to the back of surround and upper lip of the cone to get more stability from the surround and to bring the Mms to where it needed to be. The leads are offset out to the sides and slightly raised to eliminate the possibility for slapping and the motor itself has quite a bit of clearance for the coil thanks to a deeply bumped back plate.

These are serious SQ subs in a very shallow and efficient package. Made the in the USA to the highest possible standards to last for many years to come. They come with our 2-year standard limited warranty against defects. They also carry our 5-year discounted replacement policy -- should you be at fault for damage to your speaker you can purchase a new one at a discount if you send back the damaged one.


Dual 4-ohm impedance
2.5" diameter voice coil
Kapton voice coil former
400-watts RMS rated power
12mm linear excursion one-way
4.5" mounting depth
Narrow profile foam surround for low Mms and maximum cone area
High quality polypropylene cone and dust cap

Qes = 0.437
Qms = 4.545
Qts = 0.399
Fs = 28.77 Hz
VAS = 56.92 L
Mms = 88 grams
Cms = 337 uM/N
RE = 7.31 ohms (series)
BL = 16.55 N/A (series)
Le = 2.13 mH (series)
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