Car Stereo Cuts Out While Ignition Is Turned Off


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Please Help! My Boyfriend installed a JVC KD-G510 stereo in his 1988 Mazda 626 a little while ago, and the stereo cuts out while the engine isn't running and the key is in accessory mode. While the car is running the stereo works fine. He has installed a new alternator, 750 cranking amps battery, with a constant 14volts to the system at all time. He has a 12 inch kicker, 300 watt amp, and a power cap in the back. He says that it even does it when the fuse is out, and the amp isn't getting any power at all.

All of his stereo stuff has been professionally installed and inspected several times. No one can figure it out?

Does anyone have any ideas???????? He's losing his mind!!!!

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hold up,take a breath. ok for one the installer dosen't seem to be that smart. lets get into it shall we?

ok basic radio goes like this in a subwoofer setup.

u have a REM thats known as remote wire that goes to your amplifier. if it's not hooked up the subwoofer amp and any other amp not attacthed to it will not turn on. next the radio has the classic positive and negitive. last we have a clock and acc wire sometimes thier both in just one wire. the clock wire goes to 12 volt positive source. that source should have constant power, the next wire acc should only have power with the key on and when the keys off the radios off. i say he has a wire mixed and not hooked to the correct source. it's the only reason why any of this has happened, professional installer or not it was wired wrong. so ether you or him need to take a multimeter and check each wire on the radio and match them as i posted above. if u don't know which is which tell me your radio's brand and model then i'll try to dig up a guide for you. if the amps still don't turn on after all this is checked post again will walk through everything. good luck !

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sorry i missed it was a jvc radio ::sleep deprived::

this is the mazdas radio wiring guide

this is the radio's
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