Bridge or not to bridge


can anybody tell me how to bridge a 3oow 2 channel jensen amp

Not all 2-channel amps are bridgeable. If yours is able to do this, you should see a second set of marks on the speaker output connections that show the + & - for each speaker and a second mark that says 'bridged' or something showing you which terminal is pos and neg in bridged mode. There may also be a switch.

Take the model number, type it in Yahoo, research. Typically you can find the manual online.

well motoman22 on my amp it says it's bridgeable on top of the amp i don't know if that means it is but i'll look on yahoo and see to find out

to bridge a 2 channel amp, just connect the + of the left channel to the + of the sub and the - of the right channel to the - of the sub. it's that easy. the - of the left channel and + of the right channel are not used when bridging.
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